TTTech welcomes delegation of the IEEE-SA Board of Governance

It was a pleasure to host a delegation of the IEEE-SA Board of Governance in the TTTech headquarters in Vienna. We got the chance to exchange our thoughts on the Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) standardization process in which TTTech has been playing a vital part as an editor in the IEEE TSN task group, that is part of the IEEE 802.1 working group. We discussed the high importance of standardization for our customers and how to improve the efficiency of standardization processes. The visit was concluded with the demonstration of one of the largest TSN networks worldwide, developed together with B&R Industrial Automation.

In the evening TTTech attended an IEEE-SA workshop “Autonomous cars for automated driving” in the Vienna Marriot Hotel. Stefan Poledna, member of the executive board at TTTech, held a keynote on “Challenges of Automated Driving: Safety and Real-Time” during the workshop.

The delegation members and TTTech employees together in Vienna (left to right): Yu Yuan, Hermann Brand, Robby Simpson, W. Charlton Adams, Gerald Fritz, Marina Gutierrez Lopez, Gerhard Koza, Thomas Berndorfer, John D. Kulick