TTTech releases 6th generation Deterministic Ethernet switch for aerospace laboratory applications

Vienna, Austria, July 31, 2020: TTTech announces the official release of its TTESwitch A664 Lab v2.0 for aerospace laboratory testing and development. This sixth-generation switch is already being used by several customers in their applications. It fully supports networks based on COTS Ethernet cards and allows a faster transition from technology evaluation to a certifiable flight switch and network solution.

“Our goal in developing the TTESwitch A664 Lab v2.0 was to offer customers an easy, straight-forward way to a certifiable flight switch for fault-tolerant, real-time communication in safety-related systems. Our versatile laboratory switch for Deterministic Ethernet network applications helps to reduce development time and risk during the integration phase, thereby allowing for a faster time-to-market,” says Wolfram Zischka, Product Manager Aerospace.

TTESwitch A664 Lab v2.0 is an extended version of the proven TTESwitch A664 Lab introduced in 2016. Like its predecessor, it is designed to be at the core of Deterministic Ethernet networks, fully supporting highly deterministic networks for critical applications based on ARINC 664 part 7 (AFDX®) and time-triggered Ethernet. With the addition of IP-based frame forwarding it improves performance for standard networks based on COTS Ethernet network interface cards.

TTESwitch A664 Lab v2.0 is based on the certifiable Switch Module, featuring an ASIC which hosts TTEthernet functionality. As it is based on a certifiable core component, it offers customers the option to not only test the switch in a laboratory setting, but also to use it as a base for developing a flight switch product. TTESwitch A664 Lab v2.0 acts as laboratory baseboard implementation and as a development platform for application software, so the customer can immediately start working on their software application. Once the customer has developed their hardware, they can transfer their software application easily, making the move from the first to the second stage of development and testing faster and smoother.

TTE-Switch A664 Lab v2.0

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    TTESwitch A664 Lab v2.0