TTTech Aerospace reaches 1 billion flight hours in safety-critical applications

TTTech Aerospace’s TTP controllers have accumulated more than 1 billion flight hours in safety-critical highly reliable DAL A (Design Assurance Level A) applications. The TTP controllers are based on the Time-Triggered Protocol (TTP®), an open standard (SAE AS6003) databus developed for reusable and modular integrated systems.

TTP® is used by the world’s biggest aircraft manufacturers and their avionic systems suppliers in both commercial and business aircraft. The network controllers ensure highest dependability in core subsystems of large commercial aircraft, such as Boeing 787, Airbus A380, Airbus A220, Embraer E2, as well as business jets such as Embraer Praetor 500/600, Bombardier Global Express 7500 and several other aircraft programs in development like Irkut MC-21, and COMAC C919.

Christian Fidi, preview image“TTTech Aerospace is supplying its customers with products certified to the highest standards for availability and safety in aerospace (DAL A) for more than 20 years. We are extremely proud to have reached over one billion flight hours with our TTP® products, deployed in many of the key commercial aircraft programs initiated over the last 20 years,” says Christian Fidi, Senior Vice President Business Unit Aerospace, TTTech.

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TTP controller 1bn flight hours (news)