TTP controllers accumulated 500+ millions flight hours

TTTech announces a lifecycle milestone for its airworthy, robust and mature TTP databus controller based on SAE AS6003 (TTP) standard. TTP controllers fabricated by ams AG have accumulated over half a billion of flight hours in safety-critical DAL A aircraft systems since 2010.

TTTech introduced the TTP databus controller together with ams AG, a leading global designer and manufacturer of advanced sensor solutions. The TTP databus controller is an integrated device used for connecting sensors and actuators in safety-critical and fail-operational applications. TTP controllers are available for cross-industry applications and have been introduced to the market in 2002.

The TTP controller AS8202B has been automotive qualified (AEC Q100), designed and certified in compliance with DO-254/DO-178C DAL A. It has been used and certified in various modular and distributed control systems for different aircraft, including the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the Airbus A380. The controller has also been applied in the engine control of the Lockheed Martin F-16 and the Aermacchi M-346. The TTP databus built using this controller is the backbone for the fly-by-wire systems on the Embraer Legacy 450/500 and the Bombardier CSeries.

Today, the AS8202B TTP Controller has accumulated more than 500 million flight hours, proving highest maturity and robustness. It is expected that by 2020, TTP controller fabricated by ams AG will accumulate one billion of flight hours, driven by larger commercial aircraft programs such as Boeing 787, Bombardier and Embraer regional and business jets. Also, in cross-industry and safety-critical SIL4 railway signalling applications, TTP components have already accumulated over 1 billion of operating hours.

“We are pleased with the continuing relationship that satisfies the need of a demanding and sophisticated customer base with long product lifecycles and highest reliability requirements. The experience in this field also supports ams’ sensor offering for safety-critical automotive applications”, says Thomas Mueller, Director Marketing, Automotive Business Line at ams AG.

“ams and TTTech jointly supply the aerospace industry in its most sensitive segments with ready-to-use airworthy COTS TTP products. The TTP is the highest performance, yet fully mature linear databus for the civil aerospace application on the market” says, Reinhard Maier, TTTech Director of Product Management at TTTech. “As a part of the TTTech system integration solution, this TTP controller is the game changer for deterministic integration in modern aircraft systems.”

TTP enables a highly modular, SWaP-optimized and scalable architecture for fly-by-wire, environmental, engine and power generation controls. TTP controllers are deployed with DO-160G (Level 5) qualified RS-485 physical layer profiles used in fly-by-wire applications and can support network configurations with line bandwidth of up to 4MBit/s and 20Mbit/s. Mature configuration, simulation, and DO-178C-qualified verification tools for TTP based systems are available and proven in large aircraft programs.

Deterministic embedded TTP based platforms enable reuse, functional updates and modification without affecting already verified and integrated functions, thus reducing complexity and certification effort for advanced integrated systems.