Deterministic Unified Ethernet with Synchronous & Asynchronous Traffic

Deterministic Unified Ethernet with Synchronous & Asynchronous Traffic

TTEthernet: Deterministic Ethernet Network

TTEthernet® (SAE AS6802) is a scalable, open real-time Ethernet platform used for safety-related applications primarily in transportation industries and industrial automation. TTEthernet sets new standards for flexibility, modularity and scalability in Ethernet-based systems. It is compatible to IEEE 802.3 Ethernet and integrates transparently with Ethernet network components.

What makes TTEthernet unique?

TTEthernet has been designed for safe and highly available real-time applications, cyber-physical systems and unified networking. This technology offers deterministic real-time communication and TCP/IP Ethernet traffic in parallel on the same network. TTEthernet simplifies the design of fault-tolerant and high availability solutions. Its innovative technology consolidates experiences and proven mechanisms from aerospace system design, automotive electronics and industrial automation.

TTEthernet-based solutions provide

  • determinism
  • availability
  • safety
  • fault tolerance
  • security
  • hard real-time operation
  • synchronization

TTTech offers TTEthernet switches and related products for deterministic networking and design of modular control platforms.



The TTEthernet product family supports bandwidths of 100 Mbit/s, 1 Gbit/s, and higher, which guarantees that one technology is capable to support different speeds. The scalable network topology offers the opportunity to select star, line or tree as the topology that best fits user requirements. Besides, TTEthernet delivers scalable fault tolerance by allowing single-, dual-, and triple-redundancy for different levels of system integrity and criticality.

Scalable synchronization and implementation helps to decide on the most cost-effective solution:

  • Software-based end systems for low-cost TTEthernet switch
  • Dedicated TTEthernet controller and switch for highest performance (ASIC or FPGA-based)

Synchronization & Determinism

TTEthernet solutions provide distributed, fault-tolerant, multi-master clock synchronization better than 1µs for guaranteed quality of service even in case of faults. IEEE 1588 synchronization will also be supported.


TTEthernet is compatible with Ethernet standards (IEEE 802.3) and available off-the-shelf components. In addition, it provides compatibility with IEEE 1588 and a variety of established real-time Ethernet standards. TTEthernet enables parallel traffic classes with different levels of quality of service.

Safety & Availability

TTEthernet solutions maintain safety and redundancy at the network level without application involvement. Supporting functions at the network level ease application design and enable faster time to market. Replicated communication guarantees transmission of messages without any additional switch-over delays even if one channel or switch becomes faulty. This ensures higher availability and easier failure management.


As synchronization, partitioning and real-time operation are secure against malicious access, TTEthernet supports safe operation in critical networks.


Research in the domain of Time-Triggered Ethernet technologies started with a pilot project of the Real-Time Systems Group at the Vienna University of Technology in 2000. After promising results the project has brought about new opportunities, the technology has been refined over years and commercialized with TTTech and its industrial partners in aerospace and automotive segments.

TTEthernet is designed as a result of the experiences with production-proven TTP, which is deployed in applications for the Boeing 787, Airbus A380 and Lockheed Martin F-16. TTP's services and features have been adapted and integrated with standard Ethernet to define a scalable networking solution. The combination of our know-how in managing deterministic, high-availability solutions with the open Ethernet infrastructure has led to a unique TTEthernet architecture suitable for a wide spectrum of distributed applications.


TTTech is offering full DO-254 certification artefacts with related documentation packages as well as simulation and verification test benches both for the high-integrity TTEthernet switch IP and end system IP.

This enables the use of standard TTEthernet IP in airworthy systems up to level A. Please contact us at

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