Time-Triggered Ethernet (TTEthernet)

TTEthernet®, the core technology of our TTEthernet products, is a scalable, open real-time Ethernet platform used for safety-related applications.
  • TTEEnd System A664 Pro (PMC)

    The TTEEnd System A664 Pro (PMC) is certifiable to civil aerospace standards and fully compliant with Ethernet, rate-constrained and time-triggered traffic.

  • TTE-Switch Controller HiRel Rev.C SW-C
    TTESwitch Controller HiRel

    The TTESwitch Controller HiRel is an integrated communication controller that supports standard Ethernet, rate-constrained and time-triggered traffic.

  • TTE-End System Controller HiRel
    TTEEnd System Controller HiRel

    The TTEEnd System Controller HiRel is an integrated communication controller from TTTech that supports three traffic classes (SAE AS6802, ARINC 664 part 7 and IEEE 802.3).

  • TTE-Switch Space 3U cPCI FLIGHT
    TTESwitch Space 3U cPCI

    The TTESwitch Space 3U cPCI forms the core of a TTEthernet® network for space avionics and allows safe forwarding of traffic on 6x 1000BASE-T and 6x 100BASE-TX full-duplex Ethernet ports.

  • TTE-End System Space 3U cPCI FLIGHT
    TTEEnd System Space 3U cPCI

    The TTEEnd System Space 3U cPCI connects spacecraft subsystems to the TTEthernet® network via 3x 1000BASE-T/100BASE-TX Ethernet ports supporting triple redundant network architectures.

  • TTESwitch Controller Space

    The TTESwitch Controller Space from TTTech provides SAE AS6802, rate-constrained and IEEE 802.3 switch functions in a radiation-tolerant, highly reliable integrated circuit.

  • TTEEnd System Controller Space

    The TTEEnd System Controller Space from TTTech Aerospace provides SAE AS6802, rate-constrained and IEEE 802.3 functions in a radiation-tolerant, highly reliable integrated circuit.

  • TTEDevelopment Switch 1 Gbit/s 12 Ports

    This TTEthernet-based development switch supports 12 Ethernet ports running at a maximum of 1 Gbit/s in full-duplex mode at a processing bandwidth of 24 Gbit/s.

  • TTEMonitoring Switch, 1 Gbit/s, 12 Ports

    Complementing the existing offering, this monitoring switch supports fast online-mirroring of real-time data going through the operational ports of the switch.

  • TTESwitch Lab Space

    The TTESwitch Lab Space was specially designed to support laboratory testing efforts of Time-Triggered Ethernet applications in the space industry.

  • TTEEnd System A664 Lab

    This high-performance card for development and laboratory environments supports three standard traffic classes and is available in PMC, PCI, XMC and PCIe form factor.

  • TTENetwork Interface Cards

    This mezzanine card for network communication combines standard IEEE 802.3 Ethernet with time-triggered capabilities (SAE AS6802) for the development of safety-critical applications.

  • TTE-Development System A664 v4.3 for Linux
    TTEDevelopment System A664 for Linux

    The TTEDevelopment System A664 for Linux provides a starter kit for customers to familiarize themselves with TTEthernet® products and their integration. TTEthernet enables real-time and non real-time Ethernet communication on the same physical network using different quality-of-service traffic classes.

  • TTEDevelopment System A664 for VxWorks 653

    This development system supporting the ARINC 653 interface is a starter kit for integrating TTEthernet®’s deterministic network technology with the operating system VxWorks 653.

  • TTESync for VxWorks 653

    This component allows tight synchronization of VxWorks 653 partitions to the fault-tolerant system-wide clock of the TTEthernet® communication network.

  • TTECOM A653 for VxWorks 653

    The TTECOM Layer ARINC 653 for controlling ARINC 653 IMA systems offers a powerful interface to applications running on TTEthernet®-based networks.

  • TTEPlan

    TTEPlan is a TTEthernet®/AFDX® network design tool. Based on input provided as a system specification XML database, the TTEPlan tool creates the network configuration in a user-convenient way.

  • TTELoad

    TTELoad is a Windows application suitable to configure a TTEDevelopment Switch based on TTTech's TTEthernet® switch IP that also supports bootstrap configurations of TTESwitches.

  • TTEBuild

    TTEBuild enables the converting of XML-based device configuration database files into binary configuration images as required by TTEthernet® switches and end systems.

  • TTEVerify

    TTEVerify is a DO-330 qualified verification tool chain for automating reviews of configuration implementations against their requirements for each level.