UTC Aerospace Systems Teams with TTTech on Communication Gateway Modules for Secondary Power Distribution Platforms

June 20, 2017

TTTech, the technology leader in robust networked safety controls and deterministic networks, announces a new stage in its ongoing work with UTC Aerospace Systems focusing on design and production support of airworthy communication gateway modules for applications with the UTC Aerospace Systems secondary power distribution platform. TTTech has developed communication gateway modules with TTP, AFDX®, CAN and ARINC429 interfaces, designed for DAL A applications.

TTTech has worked closely with UTC Aerospace Systems on system integration of its power distribution systems since 2005. As a part of the Common Electronic Architecture from UTC Aerospace Systems, TTTech’s TTP-based platform solutions support the design, integration and testing of advanced integrated systems, improving fault tolerance, safety and availability. TTTech expands the cooperation with UTC Aerospace Systems in domain of airworthy communication gateway modules to integrate TTP and other major avionics network interfaces such as AFDX®, ARINC429 and CAN.

Communication gateway modules for UTC Aerospace Systems Secondary Power Distribution Assembly (SPDA) platform support the design of advanced SWaP-optimized power distribution architectures, which can be scaled and are reused for several different aircraft programs. SPDA relies on a high speed 4 and 20Mbit/s TTP databus as a core platform network component, and enables seamless connectivity with other legacy equipment and aircraft subsystems through TTTech’s communication gateway module.

TTTech’s airworthy avionics networking products for DAL A applications have been successfully utilized in different aircraft systems including FADEC, electric power systems, environmental controls and fly-by-wire systems of premier aircraft such as the Boeing 787, Airbus A380, Embraer 450/500, Bombardier CSeries and human-rated integrated modular avionics for NASA Orion.

“TTTech has developed a broad range of capabilities, deterministic network solutions, network design tools and certifiable SW/HW components which support system integrators to design, integrate, test, maintain and upgrade complex embedded platforms and integrated systems,” says Kurt Doppelbauer, Director Sales Aerospace. “With such UTAS airworthy communication gateway modules, TTTech has proven that it can provide support and products for complete system integration solutions for the most demanding commercial aircraft programs such as, Bombardier CSeries, and Embraer E2.”

TTTech works with major aerospace, automotive, space, railway, industrial and energy industry OEMs and system integrators on advanced system integration solutions since 1998. Deterministic embedded platforms and networking capabilities from TTTech enable reuse, functional updates and modification without impact on already verified and integrated functions, thus reducing complexity and certification effort for advanced integrated systems.