November 25, 2014

TTTech, technology leader in robust networked safety controls, congratulates Boeing on the completion of the comprehensive test program leading to the certification and first delivery of the Boeing 787-9. TTTech's products and services were used for the integration of UTC Aerospace Systems' electric and environmental control systems in the 787. Both 787-8 and 787-9 deploy deterministic TTP–based embedded platform technology and products for advanced system integration.

As a part of the Common Electronic Architecture from UTC Aerospace Systems, TTTech's TTP–based solutions support the design, integration and testing of advanced integrated systems, improving fault tolerance, safety and availability.

Deterministic TTP–based embedded platforms enable reuse, functional updates and modification without impact on already verified and integrated functions, thus reducing complexity and certification effort for advanced integrated systems.

"This milestone proves the capabilities of the TTP technology as well as TTTech's products and engineering, to deliver and maintain robust embedded solutions for complex international programs in commercial aviation," states Kurt Doppelbauer, Vice President Sales Aerospace at TTTech. "We are proud to offer continuing support to one of the world’s most advanced, comfortable and environmentally progressive airplanes."

High-speed TTP (SAE AS6003) networks have been successfully utilized in commercial cross-industry applications since 2001, including FADEC, electric power systems, environmental controls and fly-by-wire systems of premier aircraft such as the Boeing 787, and Bombardier CSeries. TTTech offers a fully integrated development, testing and verification environment to reduce costs, shorten time-to-market, simplify reuse and support certification according to DO-178B and DO-254 DAL A.

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