TTE Development System
TTE-Development System A664 v4.1 for VxWorks 653 Package content: Two TTEthernet 24 port switches; two TTEthernet end systems; two SBCs in a VME enclosure

July 3, 2018
Vienna, Austria

TTTech, a global leader in the field of robust networking and safety controls, announces the release of a new development system for the rapid prototyping of complex ARINC 653-based IMA applications. The system is designed to simplify the development of advanced integrated architectures and includes 1 Gigabit ARINC 664 (AFDX®) and SAE AS6802 (Time-Triggered Ethernet) network integration.

Distributed Integrated Modular Avionics (Distributed IMA), as described in RTCA DO-297, represent a class of IMA architectures utilizing deterministic, high-integrity communication capabilities. This class of integrated architectures enables deterministic control of embedded resources and reduces integration complexity.

For customers designing advanced integrated architectures and mixed criticality systems, TTTech now offers the TTEDevelopment System A664 v4.1 for VxWorks 653, with ARINC 653 drivers, interface support and Deterministic Ethernet network. The preconfigured and ready-to-run solution includes a Distributed IMA demo application, TTTech’s TTEthernet switches and end systems as well as two single board computers.

“We are receiving very positive customer feedback for the enhanced embedded platform with computing and networking capabilities that we provide for the design and optimization of advanced integrated systems. The latest generation of the TTEDevelopment System A664 v4.1 for VxWorks 653 offers ideal conditions for rapid prototyping and system development of advanced IMA architectures and applications,” explains Bernd Hirschler, Product Manager at TTTech.

Compared to existing IMA designs, Distributed IMA architectures offer many advantages such as improved support for reconfiguration, predictive maintenance, incremental modernization and certification. These features enable OEMs and system integrators to develop truly modular, scalable and optimized integrated architectures at reduced system complexity and lower lifecycle costs.

This class of architectures provides design patterns which are at the core of the existing automotive ADAS (autonomous driving assistance systems). Therefore, it is well suited for hosting future automated aircraft and autonomous UAV applications. As such, TTEDevelopment System A664 v4.1 for VxWorks 653 provides additional opportunities and abilities for SWaP (Size, Weight and Power) optimization and robust integration of next-generation integrated architectures.

AFDX® is a registered trademark of Airbus.

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