TTTech Expands TTEthernet Product Offering

December 3, 2008

TTTech, the leading supplier of solutions in the field of time-triggered communication, has developed a complete range of products based on TTEthernet. TTEthernet is a scalable, open, real-time Ethernet platform, enabling the use of Ethernet networks in a variety of safety-related application areas. The product family includes software tools and COTS hardware components for designing advanced integrated systems.

The TTETools suite enables seamless design, configuration, data loading and verification of TTEthernet-based networks, end systems and switches. This set of tools is built around an open XML database, used to capture system-level communication requirements and network topology and to support seamless integration with customer’s design processes. The first release of TTETools allows creating configuration files for TTEthernet end systems and switches. It supports the re-configuration of TTEthernet switches and offers traffic monitoring with an extension of Wireshark.

TTTech provides a ready-to-run TTEMonitoring System based on efficient PC hardware that allows logging and analyzing TTEthernet data streams. It is capable of recording Gigabit Ethernet traffic at 1 Gbit/s without loss. The system records all frames received onto a hard disk and provides a graphical user interface based on Wireshark for offline analysis.

The network interface card TTEEnd System can be plugged into a standard PC. The TTEEnd System interfaces to the TTEDevelopment Switches using two small form factor pluggable modules. TTEthernet driver for real-time Linux and an application programming interface (API) are delivered with the evaluation package.

TTEthernet provides synchronous and time-triggered operation on top of asynchronous IEEE 802.3 Ethernet standard and guarantees bandwidth availability for critical hard-real-time applications. This supports design of fault-tolerant systems and allows different priorities for data communication, utilizing standard-, rate-constrained and time-triggered data streams over Ethernet. TTEthernet-based platforms maintain safety and redundancy of the system with minimal application involvement.

The product range offered by TTTech facilitates the design of complex distributed systems with mixed criticality functions. Office applications, custom web services, media delivery, time-critical and safety-critical control systems can run on the same Ethernet network.