TTTech Automotive provides Safety Control Unit for the Akasol Engineering Battery System

May 25, 2011

TTTech Automotive, a subsidiary of TTTech and specialist for safety controls and reliable networking, as well as manufacturer of electronic control systems for electric vehicles, and Akasol Engineering, developer and series production supplier of high-performance lithium-ion battery systems for electrically powered vehicles, are announcing their cooperation. The Akasol battery system, based on its own highly integrated modules, will in future be enhanced with a safety component from TTTech Automotive.

Producing large volumes while simultaneously optimizing volumic energy as well as constantly improving safety and reliability are the criteria according to which battery systems for mobile applications are judged. This is a task that Akasol Engineering has already taken on successfully, with emphasis on the optimization of system safety in development. The product portfolio, consisting of high-quality, energy-efficient, and customer-specific battery systems from Akasol Engineering, will in future include the generic safety control unit HY-TTC 90 from TTTech Automotive. HY-TTC 90, which is certified according to IEC 61508 SIL 2, will be deployed in the battery concept as battery management system (BMS) master. The independent monitoring unit is already integrated into the Akasol module and performs overall battery control, as well as monitoring all safety-relevant functions.

“Our system is characterized by reliability, safety, and modular system design. The integration of the BMS into the module sets new standards with respect to safety. Because of this, our demands on a suitable partner were very high”, says Sven Schulz, managing director of the Schulz Group, of which Akasol Engineering is part. “In TTTech, we are happy to have found a company whose certified control unit solutions fulfill the highest standards for system safety and reliability.”
The battery management module evaluates current, voltage, temperature, and battery charge at all times so that it can bring the battery into a safe state in case of failure. This also contributes in a decisive way to long battery life. Also, the integrity of the electrical isolation while in operation is continuously monitored by the BMS. Due to the extensive functionality that is integrated into the module, which reliably ensures the safety of the complete system, system structure is greatly simplified: effort with respect to design and production of the battery that will be integrated into the vehicle are thus reduced.

“We are happy to be working with Akasol Engineering in the technically demanding area of power supply, and to be able to offer safety concepts and solutions based on existing TTTech Automotive control unit product portfolios that comply with the relevant norm”, says Marc Lang, sales director of TTTech Automotive.