TTP simulate

TTTech, the leading supplier of dependable networking solutions based on time-triggered technology, has developed a high-performance test module which enables the simulation of a complex TTP system in real-time. This board allows concurrent engineering and reliable integration of networked systems in large programs. This results in considerable cost reduction and shorter development and test cycles. TTPSimulate is available as a PCI or a PMC card format.

System integration and concurrent engineering are crucial for the success of complex programs and systems. With TTPSimulate, a complex TTP system can be simulated and verified without setting it up in real hardware. TTP is a communication protocol for the design of fault-tolerant, distributed, hard real-time systems with clean definition of key system interfaces.

TTPSimulate can be used for hardware-in-the-loop simulation and acceptance testing. An optional LabView interface allows the integration of TTPSimulate into the LabView testing environment. Interface drivers are provided for different operating systems.

Using these boards, up to 16 nodes with control applications can be simulated in a high-end PC. One or more TTPSimulate PCI cards can be plugged into the PCI sockets of a PC. The TTPSimulate PMC card can be integrated into all kinds of standard modules using a PMC adapter. Every card represents a partial TTP system.

The PCI version features four embedded Freescale MPC555 PowerPC cores for simulating four TTP nodes. The PMC card features one embedded Freescale MPC5567 PowerPC core. The main interface of the hardware component is given by a Dual-Ported RAM (DPRAM). All messages received are available in the DPRAM.

TTPSimulate supports LynxOS, Linux, Windows, and LabView RTOS. An API interface is provided for extracting and processing data in custom software.

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