TTE-PMC Card – The 1 Gbit/s TTEthernet Network Board

August 31, 2009

TTTech, the leading supplier of reliable networking solutions based on time-triggered technology , announces the availability of the TTEPMC Card. This card brings the full power of time-triggered Ethernet communication technology to the PMC form factor. This PMC card transmits time-critical and safety-critical data in a secure way and according to a predefined schedule. It is compatible with IEEE 802.3 Ethernet and enables data traffic with a bandwidth of up to 1 Gbit/s.

TTEthernet technology enables hard real-time operation in distributed systems based on Ethernet networks. One particular benefit of TTEthernet is that regular Ethernet traffic sent over the same network does not influence determinism and synchronization of TTEthernet traffic.

The PMC form factor pluggable mezzanine card for network communication combines the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet standard for Gigabit Ethernet with the safety-critical time-triggered technology of TTTech. It enables real-time Ethernet communication between a computer and TTESwitches for redundant channels in a safety-critical configuration and implements the distributed fault-tolerant clock synchronization algorithm of TTEthernet in hardware.

TTEPMC Card can be used in PCI, CPCI, VME, VPX and VXS; plugged into various PCs or embedded systems for lab use or for field applications. The TTEPMC card is available in combination with a PCI carrier board for use in a PCI bus.

TTTech offers three variants: a fully-featured lab version supporting three SFP channels, a low-cost copper-only version and a ruggedized version for field applications.