SmartFuel ADSP Partners Choose TTP for Next-Generation Fuel Management System

April 23, 2008

TTTech Computertechnik AG, a leading supplier of solutions in the field of time-triggered computer systems, announces the collaboration with the SmartFuel research program. SmartFuel partners have selected Time-Triggered Protocol TTP as a data bus for a new-generation fuel management system. TTP’s safety features enable the consortium members to achieve enhanced reliability in next-generation fuel management systems for aircraft.

SmartFuel (ADSP) Automated Design and Simulation Process aims at developing an automated design and verification process for digital fuel systems. Today the design of these systems is a laborious, iterative process to be repeated each time a new aircraft variant or engine model is employed. SmartFuel ADSP will develop a simulation system allowing testing and analyzing the functionality of the newly developed system before any hardware is built. It is anticipated that the automated designed system will reduce 50 to 70 percent of time and cost for the development of the fuel system.

SmartFuel ADSP defines a third-generation fuel management system for aircraft, based on smart distributed components. Its main objective is to enhance system reliability while reducing weight and operating cost. One of the key aspects of such an advanced system is a highly modular and
fault-tolerant bus communication protocol. TTP has been selected because of its performance, safety features, and availability of low-cost standard design, verification tools and certified products.

“Having evaluated all contemplable bus protocols, TTP fits best the requirements of a future-proof fuel management system. TTTech’s solutions enable our consortium to get ahead towards a more efficient design process and safer fuel systems,” says Stefan Frewer, Project Manager Fuel Systems at AUTOFLUG and Coordinator of the SmartFuel ADSP program.

TTTech provides the SmartFuel ADSP with TTPTools, a complete software tool chain for efficient design and configuration of TTP-based networks, as well as standard development hardware. In addition, the consortium partners receive training and technical support.

“TTP is designed for reusable, generic data communication platforms and easily adaptable to various projects,” says Andreas Eckel, TTTech Business Development Manager Aerospace, “its selection for a state-of-the-art fuel management system proves the flexibility and wide range of potential applications of TTP.”

About SmartFuel ADSP
The SmartFuel Automated Design and Simulation Process (ADSP) consortium carries on the achievements of the EU-funded SmartFuel research program, defining a third-generation liquid management system. In the course of the SmartFuel ADSP, a tool-supported automated design and verification process for digital fuel systems is developed.

The consortium of ten organisations is being led by AUTOFLUG in Germany. The involved partners are: Eurocopter Deutschland, Goodrich Actuation Systems, Piaggio Aero Industries, Secondo Mona, ASG Luftfahrttechnik & Sensorik, Czech Space Research Center, Brno University of Technology, University of Alcalá and Universidad Complutense de Madrid. The program ends in November 2009.

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AUTOFLUG GmbH in Rellingen, Germany, develops, manufactures and maintains safety seats for aircraft and land craft, parachute and landing systems as well as fuel measuring and control systems. Services include integrated logistic support repair, maintenance and documentation.

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