PCIe Card from TTTech Enables Deterministic Ethernet Connectivity for Industrial PCs

February 16, 2015

TTTech, the technology leader in robust networked safety controls, announces the launch of its TTE-PCIe Card Rugged. With this network interface card, industrial PCs can be integrated into a fault-tolerant Deterministic Ethernet network architecture.

The TTE-PCIe Card Rugged is specifically designed for distributed control systems and for use in a wide range of industrial applications in harsh environmental conditions. The two SFP ports can be used for redundancy management, utilizing the unique fault-tolerant capabilities of TTTech’s Deterministic Ethernet solution, including TTEthernet. This enables simple and cost-effective high availability in safe systems.

Deterministic Ethernet is the standards-based industrial Ethernet solution that allows users to simplify their network architecture through safe and guaranteed convergence. The TTE-PCIe Card Rugged acts as an endpoint interface for the Deterministic Ethernet network, which supports three traffic classes: best-effort Ethernet traffic for non-critical applications, rate-constrained traffic for streaming and synchronous (TTEthernet) traffic for mission-critical and safety-critical real-time applications.

“The release of this Deterministic Ethernet network interface card is highly anticipated by manufacturers of industrial PCs, system integrators and end users, who are looking for a solution which offers guaranteed deterministic real-time communication and high system availability,” states Dr. Markus Plankensteiner, Director Sales and Marketing Industrial at TTTech.