Evaluation Systems for TTEthernet Available

January 27, 2009

TTTech, the leading supplier of solutions in the field of time-triggered technologies, announces the availability of evaluation systems for TTEthernet. The solutions allow the investigation of TTEthernet features and the development of distributed real-time applications. The entry-level product, offering 100 Mbit/s, represents a door opener to TTEthernet providing fault containment features at a competitive price. The advanced 1 Gbit/s product supports the design of high-end systems, providing demonstration of parallel routing and fault tolerance in dual channel configuration.

TTEthernet is an Ethernet solution supporting the IEEE 802.3 standard. Products on base of TTEthernet enable a scalable real-time platform for control systems deployable for a variety of distributed applications. One particular benefit of TTEthernet is that regular Ethernet traffic sent over the same network does not influence determinism and synchronization of TTEthernet traffic. Currently TTEthernet is applied in production programs including NASA’s Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle.

The 100 Mbit/s TTEEvaluation System uses a software implementation of the TTEthernet protocol on the end system. The solution supports fault containment, thereby insulating failure and making the system safer than comparable Ethernet network systems. Whereas the faulty node is encapsulated, other nodes continue operation. With this package users can take advantage of innovative Ethernet-based architectures. The 100 Mbit/s evaluation system is suitable for the majority of standard industrial applications. Potential industry segments include industrial automation, transportation, medical, and energy production. The 100 Mbit/s TTEEvaluation System is ideally suited for development teams that would like to have a close look at the benefits of TTEthernet.

The 1 Gbit/s TTEEvaluation System supports a two channel communication with a hardware implemented end system and enables the quick design of complex real-time applications. It takes advantage of innovative Ethernet-based architectures for on-board systems, infotainment applications and high-availability and fault-tolerant networks. This evaluation system provides the benefits of a basic toolset for configuration and scheduling and pre-configured but adaptable demonstration.

In order to create and modify the time-triggered schedule, TTETools are also part of the evaluation system packages. The TTETools suite allows seamless design, configuration, data loading and verification of TTEthernet-based networks, end systems and switches. This set of tools is built around an open XML database, used to capture system-level communication requirements and network topology and to support seamless integration with existing design processes.