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#mindgrowing moment Leandro

Welcome to our new series, in which we would like to share stories from TTTech employees that made them smile, learn something new, or inspired them. At TTTech, we call these experiences #mindgrowing moments.

Leandro Antonio Zaza is a Senior Technical Sales Manager at TTControl, a joint venture company of TTTech and HYDAC International that provides high-performance control systems and advanced electronics for off-highway vehicles. Leandro studied electronic engineering in Italy and later worked in various positions in the automotive industry, before joining TTControl in Brixen in 2020.

Thanks to his technical background, a large part of Leandro’s job is supporting the definition of products and building relationships with the technical teams. He spends a lot of time traveling and listening to customers, taking note of their wishes and requirements, understanding their use cases and then aligning with TTControl project and product management teams to make them a reality. 

My #mindgrowing moment

Lateral leadership skills and a willingness to compromise are essential in Leandro’s job, along with a solid technical understanding. Juggling the interests of so many stakeholders, Leandro’s most #mindgrowing moments are when everyone works together as a team:

“In 2021 we went through a project acquisition phase with one of the largest players in our industry. It was an exciting but challenging process with many ups and downs. At one point we were about to lose some of the opportunities with the customer, but our team completely turned it around by demonstrating sheer creativity and open-minded problem-solving skills. Another important factor was the strong and trusting relationship between our TTControl team and the customer’s team. Collaboration was simply seamless on every level, from operations to top management. This reminded me that, at the end of the day, a business is only as good as the people involved in it.”

For Leandro, the project acquisition phase offered many #mindgrowing moments, but the icing on the cake was its overall success:

“In the end, we won not just one opportunity but four and also managed to establish a long-term partnership with an absolute lead player in the construction machinery market. Everyone involved went the extra mile for a shared goal that we eventually managed to reach only by working together.”

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