In the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), technology plays a key role. Sustainability is deeply intertwined with TTTech’s core industries – from finding new and eco-friendly ways of producing energy to saving resources in industrial supply chains or expanding electric mobility. In our growth policy too, we are convinced that sustainable growth is possible, not just based on responsible financial handling, but also on boosts in innovation and productivity, that go hand in hand with the development of new technologies.


Selected stories in Sustainability

Rosenbauer selects TTControl as electronics supplier for recently launched hybrid fire truck

With its hybrid power train, the Rosenbauer RT aims to be the most progressive and revolutionary truck on the firefighting market. It was planned with an eye on functional safety.

Automated online retail made in Europe: first use case with custom-made drones:

The EU-funded project CPS4RETAIL, in which TTTech is a consortium member, is currently testing a new way of doing online retail in Switzerland. The project lead Swiss Smart Factory is providing an experimental facility, where customized drones are being produced to order, packaged, and shipped – all fully automated.

Case study: Vestas

Vestas, leading supplier of wind turbines, faced a situation where the internal control systems for different turbines varied widely, often requiring a significant architecture redesign for each new turbine model.