Safety and Security

Safety for people and their environment has been at the center of TTTech’s technologies since our foundation in 1998. TTTech’s solutions increase safety and electronic robustness of networks and systems in often extremely safety-critical applications in planes, cars or in space. As we improve connectivity within these systems and strive for common industry standards, applications will become even safer in the future.

However, with increased connectivity also comes an increased risk of cyber-attacks and the damage they can do. As safety increases through connectivity, security of data and systems becomes a growing concern. For us this means that safety and security always go hand in hand, even though they pose completely different technical challenges.


Selected stories in Safety and Security

Technical article: Industrial edge – remote access methods and security

For the Industrial Ethernet Book, Georg Stöger, Director Training and Consulting at TTTech Industrial, reviewed secure remote access methods for industrial assets.

TTTech Aerospace releases the world’s first 1 Gbit/s A664 End System IP certifiable to the highest civil aviation standards

TTTech Aerospace has successfully completed the final stage SOI4 for its TTEEnd System A664 Core IP in collaboration with a leading, independent DER (Designated Engineering Representative).

MotionWise completes functional safety assessment

Modern cars integrate a vast number of different functions that bring the full driving experience to end users. Their selection criteria for a new car are both the quantity and the quality of the integrated functions, but with one ultimate condition – safety in all situations and circumstances.