Connectivity and IoT

Even though the Internet of Things (IoT) is the trend of the hour, it is not as new as people often think. Streamlining communication between machines has been keeping experts busy for decades. What is new, however, is the sheer number of ever smarter devices communicating with each other today. While IoT application fields used to be limited, today they are endless – ranging from the factory shop floor to our own four walls. With increased connectivity, the amount and sensitivity of data transferred increases. TTTech operates on the interface of humans and machines, ensuring safety and reliability.


Selected stories in Connectivity and IoT

Industrial Edge Computing

Edge computing represents a major technological advance for industrial automation. It offers the benefit of data collection, processing, storage and analysis in real-time for more informed and faster decision making in complex production environments.

TTConnect Cloud Service platform is certified for agrirouter integration

In the past, farmers and contractors with a diverse fleet and implement pool from various manufacturers were not able to bundle machinery data on a single platform. This was solved by the agrirouter cross-manufacturer solution. Data can be easily exchanged between machinery and implements and agricultural software tools.

Nine digital twin barriers for manufacturing SMEs – and why they are worth tackling

Digital twin is the trend of the hour in the industrial IoT. But several barriers still stand between companies and their first digital twin.