Carry Out Your Thesis Project With TTTech

TTTech is a global leader in the field of robust networking and safety controls. To maintain our position, TTTech offers to supervise master theses as well as PhD theses. A selection of research fields is listed below. These proposed topics can be adapted to the student’s specific requirements. They can also be shaped towards a master or PhD level. Individuals as well as groups of students are welcome to work on the topics. The duration of the projects depends on the scope and topic of your thesis. An individual time schedule can be agreed upon in a personal interview.

These projects are also an ideal opportunity to become familiar with TTTech.

We offer you qualified supervision by our technical experts as well as the opportunity to combine your research project with gaining practical experience within a growing high-tech company.

For students at the Technical University of Vienna, we offer thesis projects in collaboration with TTTech on a regular basis. You can find an up-to-date list of topics here (please search for Wilfried Steiner).

If you would prefer to develop your own project and are interested in contributing to cutting-edge technology development, TTTech offers you a wide range of research topics in various fields:

  • Communication Networks with real-time and safety-relevant aspects
  • Virtualization
  • Embedded software
  • Configuration and management
  • Cyber security

Scientific Methods

The following types of engineering/scientific methods are recommended for the proposed topics, but are also matter of discussion and agreement with the student:

Simulation: simulation of the technology in a simulator as mutually agreed by the student and TTTech

Prototyping: prototyping of the technology, can be hardware, software or both

Demo-Kit: the work will largely be based on TTTech’s available components, improve and configure these components towards a demonstrator

Do You Have Any Further Questions Regarding Your Research Project?

Wilfried Steiner
Corporate Scientist
Phone: +43 1 585 34 34-0