Our History

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Excellence, Innovation and Cooperation

TTTech was established in 1998 as a spin-off of the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) based on 30 years of research in Europe and the US. This extensive research and development work provides a mature basis for our core technology to build applications in safety-critical areas.

TTTech provides a mature cross-industry technology and has an established clientele in different industries. Thus we see a high potential for a great success of TTTech products in the market.


  1. TTTech is honored with the Living Standards Award for fostering IEEE standards, most notably in the area of Time Sensitive Networking (TSN)
  2. TTech Industrial announced the availability of its edge computing platform Nerve on the Microsoft Azure online marketplace .
  3. TTTech Industrial founded a US subsidiary in Silicon Valley and acquired technology and strategic customers from pioneering fog/edge computing start-up Nebbiolo Technologies .
  4. MotionWise underwent an extensive ISO 26262 assessment process to prove its readiness for production.
  5. TTTech Aerospace signed a teaming agreement with its space hardware partner RUAG Space for the joint development of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) TTEthernet® network products that will be part of the first two modules of NASA’s Gateway.
  6. TTTech Aerospace released the world’s first 1 Gbit/s A664 End System IP certifiable to the highest civil aviation standards for use in flight systems and aircraft.
  7. TTTech Aerospace’s high-performance radiation-hardened TTEthernet® network controllers for space were successfully qualified by STMicroelectronics to be used for space flights and are entering series production.
  8. The Autonomous initiated the first international Working Group for developing a safe system architecture for self-driving vehicles.
  9. TTTech Industrial introduced a modular offering for its edge computing platform Nerve, allowing customers to find the best fit for their use case and budget.
  10. TTTech Auto expands its management team and brings in the former CEO of the Bosch company ETAS Friedhelm Pickhard in the newly created position of Chief Growth Officer to orchestrate the various organizational units.
  11. TTTech Aerospace’s TTP® network controllers reached more than 1 billion flight hours in safety-critical applications in business and commercial aircraft.
  12. TTControl announced the introduction of the high-performance TTC 2000 Series of electronic control units. The series consists of complete sets of compatible ECU families that are scalable for advanced applications.
  13. TUeV Nord has certified TTControl's software development processes as ISO 26262 compliant. Customers of TTControl's Application Development Center save on certification costs.


  1. TTTech Auto acquired the Izmir-based automotive company Red Pine to increase software development for series development projects. In spring, the company expanded further in Spain and opened a new development office in Madrid.
  2. Automation company B&R partnered with TTTech Industrial to become the first company to offer a complete OPC UA over TSN industrial automation product line.
  3. TTControl announced the global product launch of Vision 3, designed to be in the center of complex vehicle system architectures due to the extensive electronic possibilities it offers.
  4. TTControl co-founded Covision Lab in Bressanone/Brixen, Italy, together with six multinational partners. Its mission is to translate latest research into applicable technology and to create competitive advantages in Computer Vision technology and AI.
  5. TTTech Aerospace announced the appointment of space executive Bob Richards as Vice President Space, TTTech North America.
  6. TTControl’s controller family TTC 500 was certified for road use under ISO 26262:2018 which allows faster time to market for mobile machinery thanks to safety certified components.
  7. TTTech Aerospace released the 6th generation Deterministic Ethernet switch for aerospace laboratory applications.
  8. TTTech received the ISO 9001 certificationfor the development of real-time communication solutions and open computing platforms for the industrial Internet of Things.
  9. Machine and plant engineering company Fill uses TTTech Industrial’s edge computing software Nerve Blue to enable high-performance data access in real-time and to reliably connect machines worldwide.
  10. TTTech Industrial announces a new free trial for Nerve Blue for customers getting started with edge computing and digitalization projects.
  11. In December, the Linux Foundation announced that the latest version of their ACRNTM hypervisor is now included in TTTech Industrial’s edge computing platform Nerve Blue. It is the first commercial product for the industrial market based on ACRN.
  12. The Autonomous, the global community shaping the future of safe autonomous mobility assembled 1,500 technical experts from more than 400 organizations worldwide in five virtual Chapter Events on key challenges in autonomous driving.
  13. TTTech Auto established a Car.OS unit to develop a best-in-class car operating system based on the platform-first approachand expanded its company structure.
  14. The European Investment Bank (EIB) provided TTTech Auto with €30 million in fundingfor further growth. The funding will foster the further development of TTTech Auto’s safety software platform MotionWise and additional leading-edge software products.


  1. TTTech Industrial announces an intensified collaboration with Intel®. Intel will distribute its FPGA products in combination with TSN technology from TTTech Industrial and offer a special TSN version of its Cyclone® V SoC FPGA that includes TTTech Industrial’s TSN Edge IP Solution.
  2. TTControl develops a new member of the HY-TTC 500 controller family together with agricultural machinery manufacturer PÖTTINGER.
  3. TTTech’s Aerospace Business Unit is partnering with RUAG Space to provide space electronics for fast, reliable data transfer based on TTEthernet for the NASA space station “Lunar Gateway”.
  4. In September 2019, The Autonomous, the global community shaping the future of safe autonomous mobility, gathers the leading players from the autonomous ecosystem in Vienna to write the next chapter of automated driving by discussing a global safety reference.
  5. In September 2019, TTTech receives Premium Partner status in Infineon’s partner ecosystem. It is only the second company globally to reach this status and the first company with a background in autonomous driving solutions and the Industrial Internet.
  6. TTTech Industrial announces its incorporation as a public limited company and subsidiary of TTTech Group on August 1, 2019.
  7. TTControl cooperates with Austria’s leading communications provider A1 and A1 Digital. The cooperation enables the connection of mobile machinery with the cloud.


  1. TTTech celebrates 20th anniversary and announces a new group structure with key strategic industry partners
  2. In June 2018, TTTech consolidates its automotive business in a new entity called TTTech Auto, together with the key investors Audi, Samsung, GE Ventures and Infineon
  3. BMW starts a cooperation with TTTech Auto for developing automated driving functions at the highest safety level to bring automated driving level 3 and 4 to highways until 2021
  4. Molex and TTTech announce collaboration to develop industrial IoT solutions that bridge the gap between OT and IT
  5. TTTech releases a new development system for advanced integrated architectures enabling aircraft manufacturers and system integrators to reduce system complexity and lower lifecycle costs
  6. TTControl launches a comprehensive end-to-end connectivity solution to connect operators to their mobile machinery via a cloud platform
  7. TTTech establishes the joint venture “Technomous” with SAIC Group, China’s largest auto group, aiming for the first mass production of intelligent driving cars in China
  8. TTTech launches the world’s first vendor-independent TSN configuration software Slate XNS
  9. TTTech reached a lifecycle milestone for its airworthy, robust and mature TTP databus controllers based on SAE AS6003 (TTP) standard that have accumulated over half a billion of flight hours in safety-critical DAL A aircraft systems since 2010


  1. Samsung Electronics and TTTech announce their strategic partnership to deliver the next generation of autonomous and safety technology to automakers
  2. Audi launches the first series-production car capable of automated driving level 3 with TTTech’s new modular software framework MotionWise as a vital part of the Audi A8 computer architecture
  3. TTTech is awarded a platinum prize by the Military & Aerospace Electronics Innovators Award Committee for its powerful system-on-chip used in next-generation spacecraft and launch vehicles
  4. TTTech presents a modular platform for automated driving, whose centerpiece is the series-proven software framework MotionWise, a scalable software platform for automated driving up to level 5
  5. TTTech announces a comprehensive Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) solution for the industrial automation market in collaboration with Intel
  6. The Avnu Alliance (Avnu),Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), and OPC Foundation announce their collaboration with IT-OT industry leaders to advance industrial device interoperability and to show the progress made in bringing the open, unified communication standard OPC UA over Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) to market
  7. Over 200 participants gather in Vienna, Austria, for the second Deterministic Ethernet Forum. The event is hosted by IIC, OPC Foundation, OpenFog Consortium and TTTech
  8. TTTech’s long-standing partner Cisco becomes the first major switch vendor to release a TSN (Time Sensitive Networking) product for the industrial market with TTTech’s strong support


  1. Renesas Electronics Corporation and TTTech announce their agreement on collaborating on the development of a new automotive platform solution for driver assistance systems (ADAS)
  2. NI announces a collaboration with the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and industry leaders Bosch Rexroth, Cisco, Intel, KUKA, Schneider Electric and TTTech to develop the world’s first Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) testbed
  3. In alignment with Audi, TTTech chooses Infineon microcontrollers for the central platform control unit “zFAS”, that integrates various functionalities of advanced driver assistance functions
  4. KUKA and TTTech jointly invest in Silicon Valley fog computing start-up Nebbiolo Technologies, a strategic cooperation aimed at developing a portfolio of “fog enabled” products
  5. TTTech signs a long-term development agreement with European space market leader Airbus Safran Launchers to utilize TTEthernet as avionics backbone in the Ariane 6 family of launchers
  6. TTControl celebrates its 15th anniversary, a period during which the company made its mark as a leading full-service supplier of control systems and HMIs for mobile machines
  7. TTTech announces the acquisition of Finnish IP specialist Flexibilis, a deal that serves to further strengthen the offering in reliable real-time communication solutions
  8. Nerve, a product platform targeted at providing edge connectivity, computing and control for the manufacturing market, is introduced at the trade fair SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg, Germany
  9. TTTech exceeds the 500 employees mark and consequently expands its premises in both Vienna and abroad significantly
For further information on our milestones from 2016 have a look at our animated slide show.
2016 slide show


  1. TTTech is awarded the USABizAward in the category “Innovation” by the Austrian foreign trade center in Los Angeles
  2. A jet of the Bombardier CSeries 300 successfully completes its first flight with an integrated communication solution by TTTech on board
  3. TTTech’s new strategic partners Infineon and GE, together with the existing shareholders, support the company’s growth strategy in automotive and Industrial IoT with a 50 million euro investment
  4. KUKA and TTTech announce a strategic cooperation for joint investments to accelerate the implementation of Industry 4.0 solutions
  5. The Austrian National Mobility Award goes to TTTech for the TTA Drive automated driving platform
  6. TTTech launches the DE Starter Kit supporting IEEE TSN, for the evaluation of industrial applications over standard real-time Ethernet
  7. TTTech launches the Deterministic Ethernet switch Hermes for application development and evaluation of in-vehicle network architectures, in cooperation with NXP
  8. TTTech will contribute Deterministic Ethernet solutions and safety controls to the next generation of wind turbines from Vestas
  9. Joint hosts AVnu Alliance, Cisco and TTTech gather 200 global industry representatives in Vienna to successfully discuss industry standards at the first-ever Deterministic Ethernet Forum
For further information on our milestones from 2015 have a look at our animated slide show.
2015 slide show


  1. Audi and TTTech showcase key-enabling technologies for the piloted car at the CES in Las Vegas, presenting a prototype of the zFAS platform ECU
  2. TTTech becomes the first company worldwide to offer a rugged AFDX switch in the standard form factor 3U VPX for the design of aerospace system architectures
  3. Volvo Car Group uses the Inverter Safety Unit (ISU) from TTTech for the second generation of the Volvo C30 Electric
  4. TTTech teams up with Cisco at the openBerlin Innovation Center to accelerate the adoption of Deterministic Ethernet for solutions for the Industrial IoT
  5. TTControl becomes electronic supplier for IMER’s crawler aerial working platforms, providing EN ISO 13849 PL d certified electronic control units
  6. TTTech is the host of a panel on “Deterministic Ethernet – Connecting Autonomous Driving to Industrial IoT” with decision makers Audi, BMW, Cisco, Rockwell Automation and Vestas at the IoT World Forum in Chicago
  7. The first NASA Orion test flight with TTTech’s TTEthernet Deterministic Ethernet solution on board is completed successfully


  1. With HY-TTC 500, TTControl introduces a new product family of powerful control units for high-end applications
  2. TTTech signs a Memorandum of Understanding for the collaboration with NXP on the development of automotive Ethernet switch solutions
  3. NASA's Orion MPCV Spacecraft with TTTech’s Deterministic Ethernet onboard powers on for the first time
  4. TTTech board members Dr. Stefan Poledna and Georg Kopetz are awarded “Austrians of the Year” in the category entrepreneurship by the Austrian daily newspaper “Die Presse”
  5. Boeing's 787-9 Dreamliner and the Bombardier CSeries, both with TTTech technology on board, make successful first flights
  6. TTTech develops a multi-purpose Generic Safety Controller Board with a dual channel Deterministic Ethernet (TTEthernet) communication interface


  1. TTTech develops a ruggedized 24-port switch for high availability and safety requirements
  2. TTX DataLogger, TTTech's high-performance, open and scalable tool for vehicle testing, motivates AUDI AG to act as a development partner
  3. TTTech provides commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products based on TTP for the Embraer Legacy 450 and Legacy 500 flight control computer developed by BAE Systems
  4. TTTech is the first high-tech company and the first Vestas supplier to be awarded the WindMade certification label
  5. Casagrande selects TTControl to provide electronic control systems and operator interfaces for the new XP generation of drilling machines
  6. TTTech is awarded as one of the national winners in the "Jobs Through Innovation" (Arbeitsplätze durch Innovation) competition


  1. TTTech is awarded as one of the national winners in the "Jobs Through Innovation" (Arbeitsplätze durch Innovation) competition
  2. SAE International releases a Deterministic Ethernet standard (SAE AS6802)
  3. TTTech Automotive provides a safety control unit for the Akasol Engineering battery system
  4. TTControl offers a new product family of highly effective control panels


  1. TTTech receives the Dun & Bradstreet Rating 1 distinction, certifying that the company has the highest level of creditworthiness


  1. The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner takes its first flight with TTTech solutions
  2. TTTech Automotive provides FlexRay-based tools and services for topology consulting and architecture optimization for Audi A8
  3. NASA and TTTech sign a "Space Act Agreement" to partner in the design of highly dependable integrated embedded systems


  1. TTTech contributes proven solutions to the successful Boeing 787 Dreamliner power-on
  2. TTTech presents its new scalable real-time Ethernet platform for control systems
  3. TTTech has 200 employees
  4. TTControl offers the TTC 200 certified for applications up to SIL 3


  1. TTTech announces their support of the Altera Corporation’s Cyclone II and Cyclone III FPGAs with TTP
  2. TTTech receives the AS9100 quality management certification for the development of safety-critical applications in the aerospace industry
  3. ATHENA Wien Beteiligungen (Wiener Wachstumsfonds) makes an investment of about 4 million Euros to acquire a participation in TTTech


  1. Strategic financial investor aeris Capital AG invests 20 million Euros in TTTech; AUDI AG acquires a minority participation in TTTech
  2. TTTech rankes among Europe's 500 for five consecutive years
  3. Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation selects TTTech to support the development of electric and environmental control systems on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner


  1. Both Red Team robot vehicles, each one equipped with TTTech products, are in the top 3 of the DARPA Grand Challenge
  2. The Honeywell 124 jet engine with TTP makes its first flight in the Aermacchi M-346 trainer


  1. DECOS, a project within the EU’s Framework Programme 6, starts to develop a set of generic components within the frame work of the TTTech technology
  2. Foundation of TTTech Automotive GmbH in Vienna


  1. TTTech has more than 100 employees
  2. TTTech presents the 3rd Generation TTP Controller


  1. Nord-Micro selects TTTech to supply the cabin pressure control system on the Airbus A380
  2. Thales Rail Signalling Solutions starts the first commercial production of TTTech technology for railway signaling systems
  3. Development of the SIRIUS concept car in collaboration with Volvo Car Corporation
  4. Foundation of TTTech North America Inc.
  5. Foundation of TTTech Japan


  1. Establishment of TTA-Group together with well-known partners from the automotive and aerospace industry such as Audi, Delphi, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Renault, Airbus, Honeywell and TTTech
  2. Development of several concept cars with drive-by-wire system based on TTTech technology: SKF FILO Car, Saab Novanta, GM’s AUTOnomy, Hy-wire, PSA Peugeot Citroën prototypes
  3. AUDI AG and TTTech make an official announcement of their technical cooperation
  4. Foundation of TTTech Germany GmbH


  1. Change of ownership from limited liability company into stock corporation, capital increase and first financial investors
  2. Honeywell and TTTech announce their partnership for applications with TTTech technology in the aerospace industry


  1. TTTech receives the Information Society Technology (IST) Award by the European Commission


  1. TTTech Computertechnik GmbH is established in Vienna; company background of intensive research at Vienna University of Technology in time-triggered technology since 1979
  2. TTTech is honored as "Best Austrian Start-Up Company 1998" in the category Research and Development