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TTTech’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic: an overview

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues around the globe, remote work has become the primary mode of working at all TTTech sites worldwide.  While digital meetings are the default, we have also put measures in place to protect employees who need to work on site for urgent reasons, such as free masks and COVID-19 tests. Below we are giving you an overview of TTTech Group’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Since mid-March 2020, TTTech Group has been working primarily remotely to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Having introduced mobile working as a work-life balance measure for our employees years ago, the transition has been smooth. We remain in full operation, able to maintain the high quality of customer service and interaction in the projects we are working on. Our priority remains the safety of our employees as well as our customers, suppliers and partners.

As the global situation remains dynamic, we have developed a framework of guidelines for all our office locations that considers local governmental recommendations and regulations. This way we ensure compliance with precautionary measures in and out of lock-down. While remote work remains the dominant mode of operations, precautionary measures such as free masks and COVID-19 screenings as well as strict onsite meeting policies are put in place across all locations. They allow for a safe return to the office for those who need to be there physically. Traveling remains limited to crucial business matters.


The TTTech Group companies have shifted to interaction on digital channels to bridge the distance. We are proud to say that our communication with customers, partners and employees has not been hindered during this period. On the contrary, we have created new digital touchpoints through webinars and interactive events to inform about the solutions and technology we have been working on in the last months. Once restrictions are lifted these new tools and channels will be valuable additions to our portfolio to complement established offline measures.

As you would expect from a high-tech company with offices all over the globe, our teams have long been using digital means of communication as a matter of course. This has made the transition from face-to-face to virtual meetings relatively effortless. We also encourage social interaction among colleagues via virtual coffee breaks and lunches to ensure the free flow of ideas that is so important in a high-innovation environment.

Three values that guide us

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, three values guide our operations at all times:

  • We keep full focus on the health and safety of our employees and their families
  • We continue full operation through the COVID-19 pandemic taking into account safety requirements at all times
  • We continue to contribute our know-how and leadership as a company advancing safe technologies to improve human lives

At TTTech Group we strongly believe in these values. We are working together with our customers, suppliers and partners to minimize the Corona virus’ negative impact and to jointly emerge stronger from this COVID-19 pandemic. It is our conviction that this severe situation can be overcome in a joint effort.

All in all, the situation has been managed very well. We have taken many precautionary measures to minimize the impact and are prepared to adapt these as needed. Along with an equity ratio of ~ 80%, our innovative solutions and strong customer relationships, this solid framework enables us to face the future with confidence.

Stay  s a f e  and healthy!

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