Partners & Memberships


Among the key factors that advance TTTech’s successful development is its close cooperation with a number of dynamic, international companies and institutions. Strategic alliances allow us to work together with competent partners at all levels and stages – from the design to implementation. Our involvement with a broad variety of industries provides us with a high innovation potential.

TTTech has formed a number of partnerships with leading research institutions, technology and distribution companies.

Technology Partners

Altera Corporation
ams AG
Avionics Interface Technologies
Esterel Technologies SA
Green Hills Software
Infineon Technologies AG
Lynx Software Technologies
The MathWorks, Inc.
North Atlantic Industries
NXP Semiconductors
Renesas Electronics Corporation
Texas Instruments Incorporated
Vector Informatik GmbH
Wind River - Virtualization of critical functions across the network
Xilinx Inc.

By allowing avionics developers to move from the lab environment to deployment, LynuxWorks and TTTech directly help them get their applications off the ground.

The combination of TTTech and Wind River products, proven in major production programs, enables the maximum design flexibility for our customers at optimal performance and cost.

Distribution Partners

Avionics Interface Technologies
Exlec Pty Ltd
HanilProTech Inc.
Universal Controls Srl

Research Partners

In order to promote the idea of time-triggered technology as an open technology we invite research institutions to participate in our University & Research Program. This program is aimed at advancing research in the field of time-triggered technologies. Members benefit from considerable discounts for our product and service offerings.

Berkeley University of California
Carnegie Mellon University
Chalmers University of Technology
FH Kärnten
FH JOANNEUM Gesellschaft mbH
The University of Kansas
Michigan Technological University
Technische Universität Wien


The TTTech Groups companies are active members of various industry organizations and consortia.