Basic prototyping module with TTP controller and processor hosts for developing deterministic distributed systems

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TTPPowernode is a quick and cost-effective solution to start the development of a time-triggered system. It enables design of scalable applications, from smart sensors/actuators to complex control system prototypes, using production-proven software and hardware COTS components.

Production-proven COTS components

TTPPowernode contains a Freescale MPC555 processor with AS8202B TTP controller by austriamicrosystems and embedded COTS components, certifiable according to DO-254/DO-178B Level A. The on-board exchangeable physical layer can be customized for specific prototyping applications.

Related products

TTPPowerlink is a similar product, used in standard prototyping applications and TTPDevelopment Cluster.

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Key Benefits

  • Full embedded software support
  • Full tool support
  • Freescale MPC555 PowerPC
  • Exchangeable physical layer
  • Broad range of interfaces
  • austriamicrosystems AS8202B TTP communication controller
  • Available with or without housing