TTP Products

TTP Product Line

TTTech offers solutions based on the time-triggered communication protocol TTP that enables reliable distributed computing and networking at lower lifecycle costs.


This TTPController, a standard product from austriamicrosystems, is an integrated device which implements functionalities and features according to SAE AS6003.

TTPStar Coupler

The TTPStar Coupler allows building a star architecture with optimized fault-tolerant features, resulting in an architecture with higher availability.

TTPPhysical Layer

This ready-to-go solution for airborne electronic platforms based on RS-485 is a design for a robust DO-160F, Level 5 physical layer for airborne TTP networks.


Our TTPDriver is a hardware abstraction layer for operations with TTP controllers that facilitates reuse, simplifies code readability and offers various features.

TTPLoading Library

This embedded COTS software library for data transfers over a TTP network enables download and upload for large data streams in TTP based systems.


TTPTD-COM provides communication layer abstraction for hosted applications on top of generic TTP based control system platforms and allows faster time-to-market.


TTPPowernode from TTTech is a basic prototyping module with TTP controller and processor hosts for developing deterministic distributed systems.


This prototyping card with stackable on-board modules for microprocessor, communication and physical provides flexibility and modularity in prototyping and evaluating.

TTPDevelopment Cluster

The TTPDevelopment Cluster from TTTech is a solution for rapid prototyping of modular and distributed integrated systems based on TTP.

TTPMonitoring Node

This standalone TTP/Ethernet gateway from TTTech for monitoring and downloads of network data to a TTP network uses an embedded real-time Linux variant.

TTPSimulate XMC/PCIe

TTPSimulate is a high-performance test system which enables the simulation of up to 4 TTP nodes in real-time, supporting speeds of 4 Mbit/s and 20 Mbit/s.

TTPSimulate PCI

The TTPSimulate PCI is a high-performance test system supporting hardware-in-the-loop simulation and design of complex distributed control systems.

TTPDisturbance Node

This fault injection device from TTTech enables fault injection into TTP based networks and systems, creating test scenarios to verify various aspects of a system.


TTech’s TTPPlan is a cluster design tool for definition and planning of communication in integrated system architectures with the time-triggered protocol TTP.


TTPLoad downloads application and system configuration data from a PC and sends it to a TTP network over an Ethernet/TTP gateway. It also allows quick system reconfiguration.


TTPView is a tool for monitoring and analysis of messages and frames sent among modules in a TTP network featuring flexible visualization instruments for reliability.


TTPBuild from TTTech is an efficient design tool that automatically creates a framework for software application design on one module or control unit.


This solution speeds up the verification process of parameter design and changes for TTPTD-COM layer and allows lower reconfiguration and certification costs.


TTTech’s TTPVerify enables automatic verification of system and network design parameters and is designed as DO-178B Level A verification tool.