Real-Time Machine Data Kit

Edge computing starter kit for accessing and using machine data

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TTTech’s Real-Time Machine Data Kit is an edge computing starter kit that provides access to real-time data as well as enabling users to update control applications remotely. The kit is designed to solve the challenge of accessing real-time data from industrial machines without altering existing I/O infrastructure or adding gateway devices. The Real-Time Machine Data Kit is part of TTTech’s Nerve product portfolio.

Key Benefits

The kit can be connected to industrial I/Os or PLCs to enable:

  • Plug and play introduction to edge computing features
  • Access and use real-time data from your machine
  • Start with default control applications then develop and deploy your own
  • Extend the kit functionality by adding your own sensors and actuators
  • Part of Intel’s ‘Request-for Proposal-Ready Kit’ program

Key Features

  • Store CODESYS PLC applications in the repository
    Deploy CODESYS PLC applications from the System Manager to the MFN 100
    Customizable dashboard for visualization of machine data

  • CODESYS integrated on the MFN 100 for execution of real-time control tasks
    Real-time data via Ethernet-based fieldbus protocols
    Write new CODESYS PLC applications
    Exchange data with the internal databus

  • 2 default CODESYS applications pre-installed for demo purposes
    Pre-engineered datapath for sending data to the System Manager
    7 digital IOs free for adding further functionality with newly developed CODESYS applications

  • User interface for exchanging PLC programs on the MFN 100
    Upload CODESYS PLC applications to the repository in the System Manager

Technical Specifications

  • CPU (MFN 100)
    • Intel E3940 4 cores, 4GB RAM
  • Storage (MFN 100)
    • 64GB SSD MLC
  • Interfaces (MFN 100)
    • 1 x 1000 Mbit/s SFP
    • 4 x 100/1000 Mbit/s RJ45
    • 2 x USB 2.0
    • 1 x Display Port
  • Interfaces (ET200 IO)
    • 1 x SIMATIC ET 200SP 8x24V DC digital input
    • 1 x SIMATIC ET 200SP 8x24V DC digital output
  • Mounting
    • DIN rail. Space for additional devices.
  • Power
    • 24V DC power supply
  • Device software
    • Windows OS and Linux OS can be hosted as Virtual Machines
    • Container support (Linux Dockers)
    • Time-series database (Influx)
    • Local PLC logic exchange tool
    • Connection to System Manager
  • System Manager
    • Hosted in Azure cloud
    • Application repository
    • Deployment of CODESYS programs
    • Data visualization (Grafana)
    • User web interface
  • Integrated Soft PLC
    • CODESYS 3.5
    • PROFINET Master / Slave
    • EtherCAT and Modbus TCP/IP supported
  • Applications
    • Default CODESYS applications included
  • Protocol support
    • OPC UA, MQTT