Nerve - Machine Control and Fog Computing Platform

Nerve enables machine builders to capitalize on the opportunities created by edge computing and cloud-based services. 

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Nerve enables machine builders to capitalize on the opportunities created by edge computing and cloud-based services.

Nerve: Fog Computing Architecture for Industry 4.0

Platform for control, connectivity and remote management of industrial machines

The Nerve product line comprises machine-mounted and rack-mounted devices that can be deployed within a fog computing architecture to ensure that application data is always processed in the right place at the right time. Nerve includes a dedicated cloud-based service to remotely manage machine software, provide off-site service access and analyse accumulated machine data.

Industry 4.0 is changing the face of manufacturing. Nerve enables machine builders to capitalize on this opportunity with services based on seamless software updates, proactive maintenance and optimized machine performance.

Fog computing architectures enable a powerful convergence and standardization at the networking, security and control levels. In order to deliver these benefits to machine builders, Nerve incorporates leading fog computing solutions from Nebbiolo Technologies, the pioneers in fog computing.

A highly functional software stack, the fogOperatingSytem (fogOS™), scales to run on every piece of Nerve hardware. The fogOS™ provides a secure and virtualized environment for the deployment of edge analytics and machine applications – these can include real-time and non-real-time functions, soft PLC control applications, condition monitoring, anomaly detection, threat detection and isolation.

Working in tandem with fogOS™ is the fogSystemManager (fogSM™). The fogSM™ enables remote management of all of the distributed Nerve devices and their connected machines. The fogSM™ can be hosted in private or public clouds, or even on premises directly on rack-mounted devices. The fogSM™ orchestrates the zero touch deployment of Nerve devices and enables application hosting and seamless deployment of applications to fogOS™ stacks running on machine-mounted devices.

Nerve includes a wide range of connectivity options. For on machine gatewaying, Ethernet-based fieldbuses such as PROFINET are supported (other protocol support on request). Nerve hardware devices also incorporate Ethernet switching functionality which includes the latest IEEE TSN (Time Sensitive Networking) standards. OPC UA can be used for data exchange from sensor to cloud as well as the MQTT and AMQP protocols. Wireless LAN, management port and USB are also available for local connectivity.

Edge Computing - Nerve

Nerve Product Line

Benefits with Fog Computing

Gain greater insight into your machines

  • View real-time usage patterns and track anomalous behaviour
  • Deploy servicing and maintenance resources more efficiently
  • Plan performance improvements for next generation products

Take control of data access

  • Set access rights according to ownership of data
  • Specify precisely which machine data is sent and when
  • Receive data to your custom cloud for analysis and storage

Unlock more value from your products

  • Sell new software features for installed machines
  • Proactively trigger service deployments
  • Establish ‘as a service’ revenue models based on uptime, health, output etc.
Edge Computing - Nerve


Edge Computing - Nerve

All-in-one: control, visualization and connectivity

  • CODESYS soft PLC to run IEC 61131-3 control applications with real-time guarantee (up to 1ms)
  • Powerful Intel Atom CPU/GPU to perform complex analytics and HMI visualization
  • Fieldbus support and integrated TSN Ethernet switch from TTTech, the leader in deterministic networking

Easy integration and pain free migration

  • MFN 100 integrates fogOS™ from Nebbiolo Technologies, pioneers in fog computing
  • fogOS™ rich software stack enables secure software deployment and machine data handling
  • Existing applications can be migrated on the MFN 100 as virtual machines or secure containers

Instant access to machines via custom cloud

  • fogSM™ cloud service from Nebbiolo Technologies enables you to monitor and manage your entire installed base remotely
  • fogSM™ deployed as a service in your region or on premise

Fog computing architecture-based Nerve devices on your machines provide features for machine control, in addition to the visualization, filtering and communication of machine data. Applications can be hosted across Nerve devices on machines, on the factory floor and in the cloud. Nerve also provides custom cloud services for the remote management of devices, for displaying machine data and for setting role-based access rights.



Edge Computing - Nerve