TTEDevelopment System

The TTEDevelopment System is the quick and easy way to get started with Deterministic Ethernet from TTTech. It allows you to flexibly configure a Deterministic Ethernet network in order to evaluate key product and technology features. The TTEDevelopment System is your first step on the way to developing distributed real-time solutions on a Deterministic Ethernet platform.

Included in the TTEDevelopment System are:

  • TTESwitch Chronos 18/6 
  • 4 development PCs
  • TTEPCIe Card Rugged with dual copper SFP, installed in the development PCs 
  • Software tools for TTEthernet configuration, including configuration for two topologies (dual channel and single channel with multi-hop)
  • Modifiable for use as a multi-hop network configuration with single channel TTEthernet system
  • Linux driver and manuals
  • Demo application including source code 
  • On-site quick start day, support and 1 year maintenance included

Key Benefits

  • Get started quickly with an out of the box pre-configured demo application including source code 
  • Evaluate Deterministic Ethernet and adapt the configuration to suit your application 
  • Evaluate different topologies with the same components
  • Demonstrate high bandwidth, deterministic message transport and fault tolerance in dual channel configuration