DESwitch Akro 6/0 TSN

Guarantee of Service for IoT

The DESwitch Akro is the cost-effective way to test critical control systems using standard Ethernet with TSN (Time-Sensitive Networking). It is suitable for testing field and control level networking for industrial applications. Akro switch users will benefit from Guarantee of Service, which allows for the convergence of controls, streaming and data traffic over one standard Ethernet network without affecting real-time performance or wasting bandwidth.

With Deterministic Ethernet products TTTech delivers inherent guarantees for safe and secure communication connected in open IoT infrastructures. This is called “Guarantee of Service”.
By taking advantage of this guarantee for critical systems, new modes of networking can emerge. Divergent functions such as motion control, video, voice and data can now be converged onto one deterministic network infrastructure. Control functions can be virtualized away from restrictive machine environments and real-time machine data can be accessed safely and securely.