Edge Computing and Control


Nerve comprises machine-mounted and rack-mounted devices within an edge-computing architecture and includes a dedicated cloud-based service.

MFN 100

The MFN 100 is a machine controller, edge gateway and CPU with dedicated cloud service that can host multiple virtual machines to monitor and manage your machines remotely.

RFN 1000

The RFN 1000 is a powerful edge infrastructure CPU with dedicated cloud service that can connect multiple machines or aggregate multiple MFN connections.

Development & Test Equipment


TTTech offers development and testing systems for evaluating Deterministic Ethernet technologies such as TSN (Time-Sensitive Networking) and Time-Triggered Ethernet.

DEStarter Kit

The DEStarter Kit the fast and easy way to evaluate the benefits of TSN, it includes switches from TTTech and OPC UA compliant microcomputers for an east to use set-up.

TTEDevelopment System

This quick, easy way to get started with TTTech’s Deterministic Ethernet allows to flexibly configure a Deterministic Ethernet network to evaluate product and technology features.


TTTech offers a development and testing switches for evaluating Deterministic Ethernet technologies such as TSN (Time-Sensitive Networking) and Time-Triggered Ethernet.

DESwitch Hermes 0/4

The DESwitch Hermes0/4 is the platform for evaluating the functionality of NXP's SJA1105 switch chip, it is designed for use in TSN testing and development programs.

DESwitch Akro 6/0 TSN

The DESwitch Akro is the cost-effective way to test control systems such as field and control level networking for industrial applications using standard Ethernet with TSN.



TTTech offers software tools such as the TTEView, TTEBuild and TTELoad based on the technology TTEthernet, applicable in various domains and industry segments.


TTEPlan is a TTEthernet network planning tool. Based on input provided as a system specification XML database, the TTEPlan tool creates the network configuration in a user-convenient way.


This TTEthernet frame dissector for Wireshark 1.x is a plug-in to Wireshark which supports the recording and analysis of over 300 Ethernet and internet protocols.


TTEBuild allows converting XML-based device configuration database files into binary configuration images required by the TTESwitches and the TTEEnd Systems.


TTELoad is a Windows application suitable to configure a TTESwitch based on TTTech's TTEthernet switch IP that also supports bootstrap configurations of TTEswitches.

Services & Support

Our services and support for TTTech customers can help you overcome challenges and get the most out of your system design with our technology and products.