Industrial IoT


Nerve comprises machine-mounted and rack-mounted devices that can be deployed within a fog computing architecture.

MFN 100

The MFN 100 is a machine controller, edge gateway and CPU with dedicated cloud service that can host multiple virtual machines to monitor and manage your machines remotely.

Deterministic Networking


TTTech offers Deterministic Ethernet switched endpoint IP cores for ASIC manufacturers and switched endpoint IP solutions for FPGA users.

DEIP Solution Edge

Edge IP Solution provides TSN switched endpoint functionality and can be integrated on FPGAs in industrial devices.

DEIP Core Flex

Flex IP Core provides modular TSN switched endpoint functionality and can be integrated on ASICs targeted for industrial or energy applications.

FRS (Flexibilis Redundant Switch)

FRS provides HSR/PRP functionality for robust and reliable communication in applications such as substation automation and energy management (smart grid). This product is part of our Flexibilis offering, more information on

Network Configuration

TTTech offers scheduling software for easy offline configuration of TSN networks.

Slate XNS

The network scheduler Slate XNS is a browser-based software that makes it easy to model topologies, create schedules and deploy configurations for TSN networks.