Intelligent Gateway Tool for Signal Manipulation - TTXConnexion

TTXConnexion, a universal gateway tool, combines data manipulation, on-line viewing, and logging for FlexRay and CAN networks. It is s a small, portable, autonomous test device and an ideal solution for analysis and system integration. The gateway function of TTXConnexion makes it possible to combine CAN and FlexRay networks as desired. TTXConnexion translates between the various stages of development, resulting in maximum flexibility in the development, integration and test phases. In this way, control units of various integration levels can be used together in a single network.

TTXConnexion is fully software-compatible with previously programmed scenarios. With selective data logging, TTXConnexion supports recording of messages from networked systems, and thus optimizes the analysis of development steps. Test data can be filtered and logged on a compact flash card. The PC-based analyzing tool TTXAnalyze enables simultaneous online viewing and analyzing functions. Furthermore, it allows real-time monitoring of logged data.

Download TTXAnalyze 2.0 Demo Version

Experience the full range of functions that TTXAnalyze 2.0 offers, on-line viewing feature not included. Just open the downloaded file and follow the instructions to get a free demo license key. The key will be sent to you by e-mail within 1-2 days after receiving your request.

Key Benefits

  • 4-Way-Gateway (2 x CAN, 2 x FlexRay)
  • Signalrouting and manipulation
  • Datalogging on CF card
  • Comfortable network configuration via  FIBEX, CANdb, and AUTOSAR TL (V3.0)
  • Online-viewing and analyzing with TTXAnalyze
  • Stand alone in vehicle operation
  • Comfortable configuration