TTXOptical Link – EMC Testing Device

TTXOptical Link is a compact device for electrical decoupling of FlexRay bus signals for EMC testing.

Optical Decoupling Device for FlexRay Bus Signals

With its shielded housing and built-in accumulator TTXOptical Link fulfills all the requirements to run EMC tests for FlexRay-based systems. Therefore it allows full access to the FlexRay signals using common FlexRay analysis tools.

Long Distance Signal Transmission

TTXOptical Link converts FlexRay signals to optical signals via fiber cable and vice versa. It enables optical transmission of FlexRay signals over a long distance (up to 30 meters and more) while ensuring minimum influence on the signals bit timing. Furthermore, the device provides an exchangeable physical layer allowing adaptation to the requirements of the tested system.

Related Products

The gateway tool TTXConnexion combines features for data manipulation, on-line viewing and logging for FlexRay and CAN networks. TTXDisturbance Node provides all means to inject realistic network disturbances into a FlexRay-based system.

Key Benefits

  • Optical decoupling for FlexRay signals
  • Minimal effect on FlexRay time-response
  • Fulfilling the requirements of ISO 11452-2 and CISPR 25
  • Interference and emission-free