The All-in-One Automotive Data Logger

State-of-the-Art Technology for Vehicle Testing and Validation With the TTXDataLogger

Through its innovative concept, TTXDataLogger sets new standards for safeguarding of communication and troubleshooting in automobile networks. The unit meets criteria for an automotive data logger such as ease of use as well as flexibility by means of a wide range of interfaces and powerful features packed in a robust hardware suitable for automotive environments. This data logger provides the availability of recorded data of all current bus systems that are synchronized by a central time stamp and information via CCP and XCP. The parallel recording of data according to pre-defined triggers as well as online data visualization complete data logger requirements for use in the entire vehicle.

Automotive Data Logger References: A Robust and Comprehensive Solution

With the TTXDataLogger TTTech Automotive brought a recording tool to the market that exceeds today's most demanding requirement profiles for an automotive data logger and is therefore prepared for future needs. The technology within this product motivated AUDI AG to become a development partner of TTTech.

Data logging is a core element within the Audi tool chain. It is used for fully automated analysis of vehicle data throughout the development process chain. The electronic development at Audi records and evaluates about 800 to 1000 GB per trial week. As a result, a robust and comprehensive data logger technology is needed to meet the high quality standards at Audi.
Audi utilizes the TTXDataLogger for data recording as well as fault analysis during function testing, fleet tests and acceptance runs. Logging periods when using the automotive data logger may vary from a few hours to several days in a row. Thus, Audi puts great emphasis on flexibility and ease of use regarding the data logger.

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The Automotive Data Logger from TTTech

Supporting Statement

"We are proud of having established stable and successful business relationships with Audi. We are convinced that this new generation of data logging devices will help OEM's substantially in their quest of ever increasing quality."

Marc Lang, Director Business Development & Sales, TTTech Automotive

Key Benefits

Simultaneous, Extensive Data Logging with One Common Time Stamp

  • One time stamp for CAN, FlexRay®, LIN, Ethernet, MOST25, MOST150
  • 12 x CAN + CCP and XCP support
  • 3 x FlexRay (A and B) + XCP support
  • 12 x LIN
  • 6 x RS232
  • 15 x analog inputs
  • 15 x digital inputs
  • 2 x Ethernet + XCP support

Built for Harsh Automotive Environment

Built for Harsh Automotive Environment

Online Data Visualization

Online Data Visualization
  • Intelligent display of logged information
  • Freely configurable instruments
  • Life visualization of bus information from the data logger

Configurable Power Management of the Automotive Data Logger

Configurable Power Management of the Automotive Data Logger
  • Configurable power management for the data logger
  • Active and passive mode
  • Auto-Start data logging

Wireless LAN Connectivity

Wireless LAN Connectivity
  • Data transmission from data logger to PC via point-to-point connection
  • Configuration via PC and point-to-point connection
  • Multimedia remote control via tablet possible

Trigger, Filter and Classing of Signals

  • Support of CAN signals for trigger, filter and classing