Testing Tools

Testing Tools

Data Logging

TTTech offers testing tools for the automotive market including solutions for data logging in the automobile such as the TTXDataLogger.


TTTech's automotive data logger for recording and analysis of all bus data sets new standards for safeguarding of communication and troubleshooting in the automobile.

Signal Routing

TTTech Automotive's solution for signal routing is TTXConnexion, an intelligent gateway for signal manipulation.


TTXConnexion is a universal gateway tool for the automotive market, combining data manipulation, on-line viewing, and logging for FlexRay and CAN networks.

EMC Testing

As an EMC testing device, TTTech Automotive offers TTXOptical Link which allows long distance transmission of signals.

TTXOptical Link

TTXOptical Link is a decoupling device for FexRay bus signals, enabling long distance signal transmission while ensuring minimum influence on the signals bit timing.