Safety Control Module - ASIL C Safety Module for Electric Powertrains

The "Safety Control Module" (SCM) is an independent torque monitoring device. This solution is already in series production and is designed for direct motor mounting. It measures the electric signals at the three motor phases, calculates the torque generated by the electric motor and compares the actual torque to the desired torque. In case of a safety-relevant torque deviation it initiates a transition to the safe state. The SCM therefore controls several shutoff paths which are tested for their effectiveness in every driving cycle. The SCM not only has sophisticated diagnostic mechanisms to detect faults but also a robust parameterization which has been verified in extensive vehicle driving tests and can be adapted for a large variety of electric motor types (synchronous and asynchronous machine types).

The SCM is based on a powerful dualcore lockstep CPU which not only provides a safe execution platform for the safety functions (now ASIL C – in future up to ASIL D) but also has the potential for future customer specific enhancements like a torque coordinator. Even software components of different suppliers and safety levels can be integrated onto the SCM due to the combination of AUTOSAR basic software and safety software enhancements developed by TTTech Automotive since ‘freedom from interference’ according to ISO 26262 is ensured.

Key Benefits

  • Independent torque monitor for electric powertrains
  • Adaptable for various electric motor types
  • High-integrity CPU platform (TMS570LS, ISO 26262 ASIL C-D)