Inverter Safety Unit - Monitoring Unit for Safety-Related Electric Drive Systems

With the increasing electrification of the drive train, new components are playing a more and more important role in system safety. The control of the torque generated by the electric motor is – also in case of failure – of crucial importance, due to the typical lack of a possibility to interrupt the power flow mechanically.

With the Inverter Safety Unit (ISU), TTTech Automotive has developed a modular inverter-monitoring unit that monitors the generated torque by analyzing electrical signals at the electric motor. In case of failure, the ISU puts the system into a safe state.

Key Benefits

  • 80 MHz CPU for continuous torque monitoring and shut-down decision
  • Comprehensive self-diagnostics
  • Permanent mutual monitoring of main CPU and watchdog CPU
  • ISO 26262, ASIL C certifiable
  • Complements existing drive train components (developed according to QM)
  • Customer-specific integration possible