Central Platform Electronic Control Unit for Advanced Driver Assistance


Central Platform ECU for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

TTTech Automotive has developed a high-performance platform solution for the automotive industry that specifically addresses the rapidly increasing requirements for driver assistance systems. These include automatic parking, piloted slow-driving at traffic jams, automatic headlights adjustments and road sign recognition, lane assistance, adaptive cruise control and emergency brake assistance.

The developed architecture for advanced driver assistance systems is very scalable. The design of multi-core SoCs, which can run in parallel with different operating systems (AUTOSAR, VxWorks, Linux, etc.), depends on the number and power requirements of the entirely encapsulated applications (currently several dozen simultaneously).

An important part of the platform controller is TTTech’s Deterministic Ethernet. This reliable and real-time-capable Ethernet backbone solution enables the combination of data traffic of different criticality with a high data throughput

Key Benefits & Features

  • Parallel Integration to speed-up software development of multiple-software suppliers
    Parallel Integration to speed-up software development of multiple-software suppliers


    A centerpiece of TTTech’s ADAS platform TTA Drive is the sophisticated software package called TTIntegration developed completely inhouse by TTTech. The standard software TTIntegration is located and running as a middleware between CPU-level and the integrated applications. It provides each application with CPU-time and memory needed but at the same time separates, or even abstracts, hardware from applications. Therefore origin of data and data usage are strictly decoupled (location transparency). Delivering an AUTOSAR environment for all possible operating systems offers the possibility to move applications between the embedded cores gratuitously. TTIntegration supports various safety levels simultaneously. A very intelligent and strict partitioning concept ensures at any time that a bug or some defect in one specific application cannot harm any other or even cause a collapse of the whole ECU. The concept ensures “Freedom from Interference” as claimed by the highest automotive development safety norms.

    Additionally the standard software TTIntegration strongly eases the process of software integration during the development cycles.

  • The TTA Drive platform has a scalable architecture that can be configured flexibly to fit customer requirements for building a series production ECU, without the need to modify application software. In prototyping use, the TTA Drive platform is easily extended with external building blocks e.g. for image processing. An external Deterministic Ethernet switch can also be used to integrate additional TTA Drive modules for simulating a fail-operational setup.

    An example of scalability is the project we are working on, where one ADAS is fitted with 16 multi-core-CPUs and handles nearly three dozens of different applications simultaneously and there could be even more.

  • Co-Simulation on PC: Solution for Safety and Performance
    Co-Simulation on PC: Solution for Safety and Performance

    PC Co-Simulation

    TTIntegration offers the opportunity to save a remarkable amount of time during the whole application development process. Due to the provided co-simulation environment on PC there is no need for waiting to achieve different stages or fulfill milestones for all SW-suppliers at the same time just to continue development and reach next integration steps. Each supplier can test and integrate applications individually into their respective execution boundaries set up by TTTech. For functional testing all applications are then integrated by TTTech and are immediately able to run together. Thanks to the overall concept violations by SWCs, bugs are detected very easily.

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