TTPTD-COM - Software Abstraction

TTPTD-COM provides communication layer abstraction for hosted applications on top of generic TTP based control system platforms. The table-driven TTPTD-COM communication layer separates the hosted application from intimate system design details of the TTP based control system platform.

Platform design cost reduction and faster time-to-market

Over the lifecycle of the system TTPTD-COM helps to reduce costs for changes, upgrades, reconfiguration, recertification and obsolescence management. Hosted application tasks communicating over TTPTD-COM Layer in a TTP network, can be reused with minor modifications on different systems.

Reusable table-driven software component

The static core software of the TTPTD-COM Layer is not modified. Parameter tables which define the behavior of TTPTD-COM Layer can be frequently reconfigured without significant coding, debugging or manual reviewing effort.

Related products

Configuration data for TTPTD-COM is automatically generated by TTPBuild and verified using TTPTD-COM Verify.

Key Benefits

  • TTP communication middleware
  • Executes communications defined in configuration tables
  • Startup, reintegration, error-handling
  • DO-178B Level A certification artefacts
  • Operating system-independent
  • Full tool support, RTCA-DO-178B tool for verification of configuration tables is available
  • Transparent redundancy management
  • Mature COTS solution