AeroQ — DO-330 Qualified Tool For Analysis and Formal Verification & Validation of Aerospace Networks

AeroQ is an advanced DO-330 qualified tool for formal proof of heterogeneous aerospace networks like ARINC 664 part 7, ARINC 429 and ARINC 825. AeroQ is specifically engineered to profile existing networks and characterize their timing behavior. Results of the tools verification reports will count as credit towards certification per DO-178C and assist in complying with AC20.156 (Aviation Databus Assurance) certification requirements.

Use Cases

The functionality of AeroQ is targeting two different scenarios namely network analysis and verification. Analysis can be performed at any phase of a project, as early as the initial network design and requirement definition period until the final implementation phase. This makes AeroQ highly useful already in initial stages of the design process - as early recognition of design faults is of great value for all customers. When the design is maturing and the project is heading towards certification AeroQ’s verification capabilities are coming into play.

Credit Towards DO-178C Certification

AeroQ performs formal verification of heterogeneous aerospace networks in minutes. The resulting verification report counts as credit towards DO-178C certification. Therefore customers will save time and associated costs during the entire project life cycle by deploying the DO-330 qualified software that comes with tool qualification packages documents signed by an official Designated Engineering Representative (DER).

Network Analysis & Verification Reports

AeroQ generates a network analysis report in MS Excel format, containing abundant amount of data and information such as worst case latencies and timing margins. Charts and graphs are automatically generated to provide a clear overview.

Formal verification of heterogeneous networks is done in minutes by AeroQ. The resulting Verification Report counts as credit towards DO-178C certification of the communication design. The Verification Report provides detailed timing results (quantifies timing margins) and provides a list of consistency checks performed. A Qualification Data Pack is available as an option for individual aerospace standards.

Error Correction Guidance

The Analysis Report highlights critical errors like violations of the requirements and warns about flaws. Warnings and errors come with supplementary advice: guidance is offered for each item. Also, the errors and warnings are aligned by priority: correcting the first error, or warning can solve subsequent errors caused by the first.

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Product Benefits

  • DO-330 qualified tool for end-to-end worst case latency calculation on heterogeneous aerospace networks like ARINC664 part 7, ARINC429 and ARINC825
  • Tool qualification packages documents signed by an official Designated Engineering Representative (DER) available.
  • Dramatically shortened verification time due to early detection of issues and verification reports that count as credit towards DO-178C certification
  • Significant cost savings due to reduced need for engineering resources as no manual checking to verify&validate network configuration is needed.
  • Flexibility to rapidly & safely accommodate design changes as AeroQ provides immediate feedback on any adjustments to the network architecture
  • Ability to analyze multi-protocol, multi-supplier systems with one tool to reduce Integration and test challenges of new aircrafts 
  • Time saving thanks to a more frontloaded development process supported by AeroQ as the tool can be used from the first project day onwards
  • Detailed network analysis reports with explanation of detected errors