TTPPowerlink - Modular Development Board

TTPPowerlink is a prototyping card with stackable on-board modules for microprocessor, communication and physical layer. It is available as a standalone module or as part of TTPDevelopment Cluster.

Prototyping of scalable distributed systems

TTPPowerlink provides flexibility and modularity in prototyping and evaluating time-triggered networks. This hardware can be used for programs where a high flexibility for systems running on different host platforms with different time-triggered communication controllers is required.

Adaptable design of scalable distributed systems

The stackable design of TTPPowerlink can be adapted for various physical layers and applications with TTP controllers. It enables design of scalable applications, ranging from smart sensors/actuators to complex control system prototypes.

Related products

TTPPowernode is a similar product, used in standard prototyping applications.

Key Benefits

  • Full embedded software support
  • Full tool support
  • Multiple CPU options
  • Exchangeable physical layer
  • Exchangeable CPU
  • Broad range of interfaces
  • austriamicrosystems AS8202B TTP communication controller
  • Available with or without housing