TTEEnd System A664 Rugged (P14 Rear-I/O)

Robust Deterministic Ethernet end system for aircraft, rotorcraft & land vehicle electronics

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The TTEEnd System A664 Rugged is equipped with three 10/100/1000 Mbit/s Ethernet P14 rear-I/O ports running at full-duplex speeds. The conduction-cooled design of the board enables operations under the harshest conditions: withstanding forces up to 40G, vibrations of 2000 Hz and temperatures of up to +85 °C while remaining fully operational at an altitude of 18,300 m (60,000 ft).

The rugged end system uniquely supports three standard traffic classes: standard Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) as well as rate-constrained (ARINC 664 p7) and time-triggered (SAE AS6802) traffic in parallel on one physical infrastructure. Therefore the board is 100 % compatible to all standard (IEEE 802.3) Ethernet off-the-shelf components as well as ARINC 664 p7 system architectures.

The TTEEnd System A664 Rugged provides a fully in hardware implemented and therefore deterministic IP/UDP communication layer for critical traffic which offloads the host CPU. It enables real-time Ethernet communication between an embedded computer and TTEthernet switches for redundant channels in a safety-critical system.

Further unique features include a fixed latency and transmission jitter in the sub-microsecond range and unmatched bandwidth efficiency while maintaining full determinism (up to 95 % utilization of available network bandwidth).

The TTEEnd System A664 Rugged is available as PMC and XMC with P14 rear-I/O variants.

AFDXEnd System Lab (XMC) flyer

Key Benefits

One end system – three standardized traffic classes

  • The TTEEnd System A664 Rugged enables convergence of standard Ethernet traffic (IEEE 802.3) and hard real-time communication (ARINC 664 p7 and Time-Triggered Ethernet SAE AS6802) in parallel on the same network
  • Fixed latency and transmission jitter in the sub-microsecond range
  • Bandwidth efficiency while maintaining full determinism (up to 95 % utilization of available network bandwidth)
  • For production programs a DO-254, DO-178C DAL A and DO-160G a certifiable end system variant is also available

Key Features

  • 10/100/1000 Mbit/s full-duplex Ethernet links over P14 rear-I/O
  • 3 channels support over P14 rear-I/O
  • Three configurable traffic classes
    • Standard traffic (IEEE 802.3),
    • Rate-constrained traffic (ARINC 664 p7) and
    • Time-triggered traffic (SAE AS6802)
  • 128 send VLs, 512 receive VLs
  • 1024 send COM ports, 512 receive ports
  • Profiled IP/UDP, sampled and queued ports
  • IP/UDP handled on hardware
  • Diagnosis and status registers
  • DMA controller onboard
  • Conduction-cooled board design
  • Software driver for Ubuntu Linux 14.04 (64bit) and VxWorks 653 v2.4 (requires additional TTECOM Layer for ARINC 653)
  • High quality configuration tools available
  • Qualified verification & validation tools available

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