TTPStar Coupler

Flight assembly for building a TTP star architecture

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The TTPStar Coupler allows building a star architecture with optimized fault-tolerant features. Each branch of the star is separately protected, thus enabling better fault isolation. The result is an architecture with higher availability than with a bus topology.

By using TTPStar Coupler, the network topology can be changed from bus to star with one or several nodes on each branch of the star without having to adjust the application software. Only the communication layer is affected by this topology change. One or several nodes can be connected on each branch of the star.

Key Benefits

  • For star architectures with high availability requirements
  • 16 ports
  • 1 port available for traffic monitoring
  • RS485 physical layer
  • Flight housing and board prepared to be certified for DO-160F
  • Board prepared to be certified for DO-254
  • Weight: slightly over 1 kg