Verification of system and network design parameters

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TTPVerify enables automatic verification of system and network design parameters. It is designed as DO-178B Level A verification tool, which got qualified within the Airbus A380 project.

Detection of system design issues

TTPVerify helps to detect system design flaws at an early stage and therefore reduces risk and costs of redesign. In complex projects it is able to lower verification effort and costs of change.

Automatic analysis and verification

As a TTP based system is defined by parameters, it is easy to modify them to implement changes or upgrades. A set of parameters can be checked and analyzed to satisfy high-level requirements and TTP design rules.

Related products

While TTPVerify examines system architecture and networking parameters, TTPTD-COM-Verify focuses on the verification of software configuration data in compliance with given requirements.

TTPVerify flyer

"TTTech's verification tool has been designed in compliance with the DO-178B Level A aerospace standard. It helped us to verify our cluster design with less effort and in a shorter time."