TTPMonitoring Node

Standalone TTP/Ethernet gateway for monitoring and downloads of network data to a TTP network

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TTPMonitoring Node uses an embedded real-time Linux variant and can, therefore, be easily adapted for specific applications. It is equipped with a PCMCIA card interface for additional user-specific needs.

Support for synchronous and asynchronous bus interfaces

Based on the TTP controller AS8202B by austriamicrosystems, the solution provides powerful facilities for monitoring and download in a TTP network. The AS8202B offers synchronous (MII – 25 Mbit/s) and asynchronous (MFM – 5 Mbit/s) bus interfaces. TTPMonitoring Node supports both of them.

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TTPMonitoring Node is connected to a PC via Ethernet cable. It supports a standard TCP/IP connection to the computer where TTPLoad or TTPView runs. TTPLoad is used for downloading software to a TTP network. TTPView monitors an operating TTP network. Both TTPLoad and TTPView can communicate with the embedded software of the TTPMonitoring Node. For real-time data extraction and processing software interface API, please see TTPSimulate PCI.

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Key Benefits

  • Real-time monitoring of the TTP network
  • Verification of the network traffic
  • TTP/Ethernet gateway
  • Provides loading capability to TTP network
  • Faster development cycles due to application loading over network