TTPDisturbance Node

Enables fault injection into TTP-based networks and systems

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TTPDisturbance Node enables controlled fault injection into TTP based networks and systems. By injecting faults this tool creates test scenarios to verify the design robustness, fault tolerance and safety of a system.

Reduced system verification effort, program risk and costs
The node provides fully reproducible fault injection. Therefore, system design and integration risks can be recognized and verified in a shorter time, especially under abnormal operation conditions.

Fault-injection solution for in-depth system verification
To identify potential system design weaknesses, potential problems such as loss of data transmission, babbling idiots, short-circuit, open-circuit and mismatched termination of bus wires can be emulated. TTPDisturbance Node can be also integrated with external supplies of EMI, synchronized to TTP network. Furthermore, sets of fault classes can be defined to study asymmetric faults.

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TTPDisturbance Node is suitable for design and integration testing with standard RS-485 physical layer. Production-level testing is best served by using TTPBreak Out Box.

TTPDisturbance Node whitepaper

Key Benefits

  • Systematic application verification and validation
  • Deterministic fault creation/injection
  • Fully transparent to TTP network and application
  • XML configuration for fault campaigns
  • Emulation of different faults; e.g. transmission loss, short-circuit of wires
  • Supports system verification testing