TTESync for VxWorks 653

Software library allowing synchronization of VxWorks 653 partitions to a TTEthernet communication network

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TTESync is a synchronization component that allows tight synchronization of VxWorks 653 partitions to the fault-tolerant system-wide cycle time of the TTEthernet communication network. All partitions executed on different modules can be “pinned down” within the overall system cycle time, thus enabling the lowest latency and minimum jitter in message exchange among distributed functions. At system level this results in clean layering, well-understood functional interactions and simpler application design, testing and system integration. System architects can reduce system complexity and further optimize system size, weight, power (SWaP) and life-cycle costs.

Key Benefits

  • Brings deterministic high bandwidth, low latency, and minimal jitter communication up the application level
  • Establishes a precise and fault-tolerant network-wide synchronization of modules
  • Precision: Using the highly precise (sub-microsecond) fault-tolerant time base of TTEthernet for synchronizing modules/partitions allowing for a precision in the 10 µs range for application synchronization
  • Flexibility and growth path: Existing software components can be re-used within partitions without changes; new applications can be built that make use of the robust global notion of time