Cluster design tool for definition and planning of communication in integrated system architectures with TTP

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As part of TTPTools, TTPPlan helps OEMs and integrators to define system design baselines and share parts of architecture designs with suppliers. It enables the development of TTP based generic control system platforms that are easy to maintain, upgrade and reuse.

Predictable performance for complex integrated systems

TTPPlan supports the design of system architecture and redundancy, integration of distributed functions, and accurate definition of temporal behavior. This solution can be easily integrated into your existing design process and interface with third party tools for advanced control system design.

Related products

TTPBuild uses TTPPlan’s system and networking architecture for the definition of subsystem properties and application software frameworks. TTPLoad is used for downloading applications and data over the TTP network.

Key Benefits

  • High-level modeling of the network
  • Extensive consistency checks of user input
  • Automatic network scheduling
  • Visualization of network schedule
  • Flexible programming/scripting interface
  • DO-178B verification tool for network verification available
  • GUI and batch mode

"We have chosen TTTech hardware for the successful integration of a time-triggered by-wire system. With TTPTools we can handle all steps of an application development."