TTENetwork Interface Cards

The 1 Gbit/s TTEthernet network board

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The TTENetwork Interface Cards are pluggable mezzanine cards for network communication combining regular Ethernet with the safety-critical time-triggered technology from TTTech. They enable real-time Gbit/s Ethernet communication between a computer and TTESwitches for redundant channels in a safety-critical way.

The cards can be used with PCIe (PCI Express), CPCIe, PCI, CPCI, VME, VPX and VXS carrier boards. Accordingly, they can be plugged into various PCs or embedded CPU boards for lab use.

The TTENetwork Interface Cards are available in fully featured lab versions with copper or fiber as mounting option.

TTEXMC Card flyer
TTEPCI Card flyer
TTEPCIe Card flyer
TTEPMC Card flyer

Key Benefits

  • Supports 1 Gbit/s full duplex Ethernet links
  • Supports up to 3 channels using SFP connectors