New Scalable Real-Time Ethernet Platform for Control Systems

January 22, 2008

TTTech, the leading supplier of solutions in the field of time-triggered technologies, presents a new scalable real-time Ethernet platform for control systems deployable for a variety of business applications. TTTech offers switches and products supporting this open modular control platform under the brand label TTEthernet (Time-Triggered Ethernet).

TTEthernet will be applied by Honeywell for applications in the aerospace and automation industry. Honeywell has already signed up for production programs. “We are proud to win our long-time customer Honeywell as development partner and launch customer for our TTEthernet switch technology”, said Georg Kopetz, Managing Director of TTTech. “This flexible and open real-time Ethernet technology platform facilitates the design of complex integrated systems. It is optimal for world-leading technology companies, such as Honeywell, that serve a large number of customers with various networked innovations in highly competitive markets.”

The technology of TTEthernet provides broad compatibility with existing Ethernet standards. Key TTEthernet operation principles allow its future use with other Ethernet-based networks in heterogeneous or legacy systems. By adding TTEthernet switches, guaranteed hard real-time communication pathways can be created in an Ethernet network without impacting any of the existing applications.

TTTech’s new Ethernet platform is designed for growth. It scales from purely software-based real-time Ethernet control solutions to demanding redundant networked applications. Integrating Ethernet with certified and production-proven time-triggered services provides a low-cost system integration platform solution. Combining the experience of how to handle safe and deterministic solutions with the open Ethernet infrastructure has led to a unique architecture. This platform supports the fast integration of various network technologies at substantial lower total life cycle cost.

The current TTEthernet product family supports 100 Mbit/s and 1 Gbit/s standard network components, as well as copper and fiber optics physical networks. It enables purely synchronous and asynchronous operation over the same network.